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Want to Write at Hamara Pakistan?

Humara Pakistan gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your blogging exposure and generate more traffic to your own blog or website.  I’m looking for guest writers to contribute content for  Humara Pakistan.  Anyone can submit guest posts to publication on this blog.

 So, whether you want to break any news, or in case you are interested in doing an in-depth analysis or even you want to share your experience, just send your material to us..

Benefits of Guest Blogging with Us

Writing for Hamara Pakistan is an honor itself.  In addition to that, I can take you on board as a staff member and you can start earning money.  If you have a blog or website, writing a guest post of Hamara Pakistan will generate more traffic for it.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

The article must focus on topics covered by Hamara Pakistan. Topics may include Pakistan news, Muslim world news, International news, Islamic Issues, personal technology, social media, autos, web design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, blogging and some example are given blow:

  • Pakistani & Muslim Heroes….
  • Role of overseas Pakistanis in the world…
  • Agriculture, Industry, Health, Banking….
  • Price hiking or inflation in Pakistan…
  • Un-employment …
  • Load shedding and economic crisis in Pakistan…
  • Culture, heritage, history of Pakistan…
  • Muslim world and Pakistani Leaders of present, past and future….
  • Pakistani Politicians and Religion Scholars….
  • Print and Electronic Media of all world and Pakistan….
  • Film, TV, Stage, Showbiz Actors and Actresses, Singers, writers, Poets….
  • Pakistani Industries…
  • Investment and foreign debts….
  • Pakistani Websites and Blogs…
  • Pakistani World Records….
  • Amazing Pakistanis…
  • Sports….
  • Arts….
  • Pakistani Personalities…
  • Article/post must not be less than 400 words.
  • We publish original content only. Therefore, guest post be fresh and must not be published elsewhere.
  • You can add one or two links back to your website or blog within your content.
  • We don’t accept affiliate links.
  • We reserve the rights to edit your content including removal or alteration of any links which does not obey the editorial policy of MyBlog.
  • We’ll appreciate if you can embed some images into your article(s).
  • Never forget to include your profile at the end of the article. If possible, do send your photo too!

Where to Send Articles?

If you are interested to submit a material/post, just send your post with your name to: 

Please write “Post for Hamara Pakistan” in the subject field of email.
I will publish your article in this blog  I accept only unique blog posts that haven’t published on anywhere else,  so please write yourself and don’t copy from any other website or blog.

Get Free Link Backs!You can also enter URL of your website in your guest post so you will get web traffic and unique visitors to your website or blog.

Tip: If you got multiple files (Images plus document files) then zip them all and upload