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بسمِ اللہِ الرّحمٰنِ الرَّحیمُ

As a matter of courtesy, I would like to inform you of myself, the caretaker of this blog. My name is JAMIL HUSSAIN, live in ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN and my background is in Commerce & computer education. This blog has been dedicated for all my Pakistanis brothers & sisters.

 It is my intention that this blog will allow me to present to our Pakistanis brothers and sisters a true picture of current condition of Pakistan.I would also  write some other areas that have appeared in media, how the international media is reviewing Pakistan and the Ummah as well as subjects that are spun from time to time, how Pakistan and other countries should learn from good policies of other countries for the welfare of their states and people etc.

Islamic information, breaking news, articles of leading Pakistani columnists, and information about IT will also be included in this blog. Your comments and emails about any article will also be respected.

Please verify the truth yourself. Don’t always trust the information shared on the internet.
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23 thoughts on “About Us

  1. AoA, Great Job done Almighty Allah bless you and keep happy in both worlds Kindly Up load reaming Hadees books Particularlu BEHQI SHAREEF

  2. Sir,I went to Outlets of Moblink,Multan office and Zonge outlet at MULTAN and Ufone Outlet at Multan for verififcations of my mobile pohes SIMs of these Companies but Only Mobilink outlet Verifed my thumb imperation according to biometric system but Zonege an Ufone Companies are not verified my thumb imperation under the biomaterice system from any office of the above companies.My CNIC number and my sime phone numbers are as under:- 31101-2848686-5 and Cell Phone numbers:- 0300-9636566/0312-9636566 and 0333-9636566.Si,Now I am +65 Years Old man and senior Citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and facing dificulties.PTA has ordered the concerned companies to verify all mobile SIMs through BIOMETRIC IMPRESSIONS otherwise the unverified SIMs will be blocked.You know the every petriotic Citizen of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN user of a mobile phone is seen anxious to get his SIM verified.This has created a great difficulity for those like me for hose persons who have been using unverified SIMS.Please not my complaint for this dificulty of mine and solve the matter in question.Pleas instruct the concerned Companies. ABDUL LATIF QURESHI,

  3. sir i am a student or me first year me achy college me prhna chati ho plz muhjy scholar ship da di jaye me college fee aford nh krskty plz

  4. If you can find people with clout who somehow relate to your blog subjects, see if they will agree to interviews that you can post on your blog. So 25 years after creating the Lefkoe Belief Process we now have all the processes we need to help millions of people totally stop their overeating problem.

  5. Assalam o alykum ! Bro apki site pay Hadees Mubarka ki Books pari hoi hain … mai ny download kar li hain …mai ap say inn k bary mai kuch bat karna chahta hoon…agar ap meharbani karain tou plz mj say rabta karain .apka bohat shukria ..

    Muhammad Tahir Mehmood

  6. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته mujhe buhat khushi hai aap ki said se
    Jazakallahu khairan

  7. Salam,
    it is an excellent work to put hadis sharif books for free download, kindly proof the originality of the books with some reference.


  8. Its a request if you add my message on your site will be very grateful:
    What Pakistan needs is a change in the democratic system from parliamantry to Presidential. Parliamantry system is inherently

    based on corruption. Dr. Shahzad Latif is proposing a new government structure: http://www.pakrevolution.org/ProGovtStructure.aspx

    This proposed structure will provide simple and non-overlapping government with lot less protocals, governmental expenses and corruption.

    Please learn and join. Also email to your friends and family and pursuade them to join this reforms movement termed as Pak Revolution!

  9. Sir Jamil,


    sorry for disturbing you with unrelated issue of “Disgusted Traffic Wardens in Lahore”
    i am unable to find you email id, in your site,
    so i posting here…

    Kindly do not mind..

    اسلام علیکم!

    ٹریفک وارڈنز عوام کے خدمت گار یا وردی میں ملبوس بدمعاش،
    مہینے کے آخر میں چالان پورے کرنا

    کیا ٹاؤن کے ایک فیز سے دوسرے فیز کی مارکیٹ جانے کے لئے مین روڈ کراس کرنے کے لئے بھی بائیک کے کاغذات اور ھیلمٹ ھونا ضروری ھیں?

    آج مجبور ھو کر آپکو میل کر رہا ھوں، آپ کا تعلق تو پریس کے ساتھ ھے،
    یہ وردی میں ملبوس بدمعاش ٹریفک وارڈنز کسی عہدے یا پریس والے شخص کو ہاتھ نہیں لگا سکتے۔
    پر باقی شہری بھی انسان ھیں۔

    ٹریفک سگنلز آف ھوں ان کو کوئی مسئلہ ھی نہیں، ان کو غرض ھے تو چالان کاٹنے سے، بے شک ٹریفک چل رھی ھے یا پھنس رھی ھو۔

    آپ بیتی:
    میں واپڈا ٹاؤن فیز ٹو لاھور کا رہائشی ھوں
    27 دسمبر کی دوپہر مجھے ایک وردی میں ملبوس بدمعاش وارڈن نے دوسرے فیز میں داخل ھوتے ھوئے روکا
    نام پوچھتے ھی چالان بھرنا شروع،یہ دیکھتے ھی میں نے اپنے نام کے علاوہ کچھ بھی بتانے سے انکار کر دیا۔
    کیونکہ میں مین روڈ پر سفر نہیں کر ریا تھا اور چالان کی کؤئی وجہ نہیں بنتی تھی ۔

    بحر حال اس بے غیرت طارق سندھو (جو خود بھی واپڈا ٹاؤن فیز1 کا رہائشی ھے) نے چالان پہ انکاری لکھ کر کاٹ دیا۔
    میں نے اس کو کہا کہ یہاں رھنے کی سزا دے رھے ھیں، اگر آپ نے چالان کرنا ھے نا تو آپ ٹاؤن کے اندر بھی کر دو گے۔ یہ تو بہانا ھے کاغذات و ھیلمٹ نہیں ھیں

    مجھے دکھ چالان کا نہیں، دکھ یہ ھے کہ ان بدمعاشوں کو کوئی پوچھنے والا ھی نہیں۔

    اس کا مطلب ان کے ساتھ دھماکوں میں جو کتوں والی ھوتی ھے وہ بالکل ٹھیک ھوتی ھے۔
    میری بھی اب یہ دعا ھے ان کا بیڑہ غرق ھو،
    ایسی موت مریں، مانگیں تو بھی نہ ملے
    لانت ھے ان پر، خاص طور پہ طاھر سندھو(وارڈن) پر

    ھو سکے تو میری میل متعلقہ ایڈریس پر فارورڈ کر دیجئے گا،
    عین نوازش ھو گی۔

    اسلام علیکم!

    I am not interested being a part of any issue but
    this type of disgusted incidents make joke of common person.
    It proves that a system makes a man an extremist.
    I will provide you my contact if you need.
    Kindly do reply.


  10. Dear Jami,

    I m trying to click on some link but some other one (e.g. click on best pic link and open health info etc). Please check the problem

  11. I want to download current scholarships form but not able to download.Can you tell me how to download? When i open the page the following message will apperas

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.


  12. AoA, Very nice blog you have dear , i am new to blogging world And looking for some Friends . Would you like to add me in your blog roll ? Please Tell me if you are interested just leave a comment on my blog if you are interested . thanks in advance

    1. AoA, thanks dear showing your interest in which my blog, i will add u in my blog roll, and are u add me in your blog roll? can tell me some about your self? for firendship only.
      hope for soon reply

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