Personality Test according to your Fingers

Personality Test according to your Fingers There are many personality tests prowling the Internet, but few of them supported by any evidence or study, as a rule are usually not more than nonsense to ridiculous questions. However, this time we bring you a simple test that is notable for the originality of its method and its scientific evidence, consistent and shows the personality traits of each based on the length of the ring finger. Apparently, depending on the size of the latter shall indicate one thing or another; and do you want me to say, but has hit me full. Apparently, the size of the finger in particular, is related to testosterone, same hormone can vary our behavior and way of being. That is why there is some relationship other test will not find even looking under the blanket. Well, this test is very simple to do , for it only will have to straighten his left hand and compare it with the picture accompanying this post . You will find that there are three possible outcomes: the ring is longer than the index ( option A) , the index is longer than the ring ( option B) , or that both are of the same length ( option C).


If your case is A then it means that you are very attractive people and contagions positivism that makes you irresistible to others. Besides that you will be more decisive and will like to take more risks , which has its good things and bad things . Come on, you have entrepreneurial spirit . However you will also be very good for those professions where the risk is an everyday , such as police , military, firefighter or secondary school teacher in Spain .


If instead your case is the B mean that you have great confidence in yourself and have great leadership skills , so you will be ideal for senior management jobs and the like. Moreover you are very clever and unbiased.


And finally, if your case is C , it means that you are very good at listening to people, patients and people who always seek the good of others . You like to have beside you who feel comfortable in your company and are the ideal partners because you will always be faithful. You would be very good to work with NGOs or psychologists .



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