Move Your WordPress Blogs Over To Blogger?

Now, this is quite common to move from different platforms. You may want to move to Blogger because all the liberties it provide as compared to Also if you are hosting your WordPress blog on your server, you may want to move to Blogger due to all the FREE bandwidth and diskspace it provides.

So, lets see how you can do it –

Step I.

Create an export file of your wordpress blog. If your blog is quite big I would suggest downloading the file separately for each month. All you have to do download the posts and pages separately rather than as ‘All Content’, don’t worry each post will carry its details and comments with it.

Step II.
Now that you have got your xml file you have to make it compatible for blogger. This can be done at –

You have to upload your wordpress xml file there and it will convert it to Blogger format and you can download it then. But there is a limit of size of 1 mb. That’s why I suggested to download your posts separately and select dates such that each file is less than 1 mb.

Step III.
Now that you have a Blogger compatible version of your WordPress blo, all you have to do is import it to Blogger.

Goto your Dashboard >> Settings >> Other and Click on ‘Import Blog’

I suggest to uncheck the ‘Automatically Publish all Imported Post’ so that you can review them before publishing.

Repeat the Steps 2 and 3 until you have imported all your WordPress export files to Blogger. And after that you are done, go publish it on Blogger.


Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online

Are you bored of chatting with friends and relatives? You can have some wonderful time while video chatting with strangers from all over the world without disclosing your identity. This is a best alternative for facebook video chat, Google Hangouts that only permit chatting with your friends.You can make new friends or just kill some time.


Omegle is the most popular website for video chatting with strangers. This is creation of just 18 years old boy in 2009. There is no age limit and no registration is required to chat with the strangers. Omegle server picks the random person for you to chat. In this you can also save the conversation log into your Pc and share it on Social Networking Sites like Facebook

Click Here to visit the site
ChatRoulette is another good website to chat with strangers. This is created by the Russian school boy. There is no age limit and registration required to get start with this. This web based application uses peer-to-peer connection. You can also report the inappropriate videos and users, which is the good feature of this site.
CLICK HERE to visit the site

TinyChat is the fastest growing network over the internet. In this you can make friends and also can chat with strangers. You can also create your own chat rooms to have private conversation with people from all around the world. To get started with this you must have latest adobe flash player installed on your PC. You can Sign in via your Facebook and Twitter account and share YouTube videos as well.
CLICK HERE to visit the site

LolliChat is the best alternative of Omegle and ChatRoulette. In this you can chat with strangers with no age limit and registration. This will randomly select your partner. This will automatically delete all your chat logs when you disconnect.
CLICK HERE to visit the site

6Rounds is the only online website available on the internet where you can do more than chatting with strangers. Here you can play online real time games, Listen Mp3 songs, Watch youtube videos and Intract with facebook friends as well. The only limitation of this site you have to register yourself to get started and you must be atleast 18 years old.
CLICK HERE to visit the site
There are lots of another websites on the internet but these the best sites that we have ever experienced for chatting with strangers online.

Pakistan Wins International Cyber Drill !!

Pakistan has marked victory in International Cyber Drill Competition, the competition was based on tricks and techniques regarding “Cyber Security and how to secure systems from hackers and hack attacks”. Pakistan took part in the drill for the first time and beaten experts from 28 other countries.

Ammar Jaffri, President at Pakistan Information Security Association ” Pakistan took part in this cyber drill for the first time and won”.

President at Pakistan Information Security Association was founded in 2005 to educate people on immediate response on hacking attacks. Four members from Pakistan Information Security Association and four students from National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) took part in the drill and successfully blocked hacking attacks from different hackers.