Kashmiri Chai – Gulabi Chai

Occasion: Any Total servings: 8-10 Cuisine: Pakistani Calories: 35 k/cal Effort: Average Pre-Prep time: Best for: All Preperation time: 1 hour How to serve: Hot recipe by Kishwar. Kashmiri Chai is prepared by green tea with a required quantity of milk. Kashmiri tea is a favorite tea in Pakistan. It looks more delicious when serves with crushed Almonds and Pistachio. 6 tsp. green… Read More Kashmiri Chai – Gulabi Chai

Memogate Scandal: How BlackBerry Set Works

WOODBRIDGE, VA: As the memogate commission issued notices to various parties in the memogate investigation in Islamabad on Monday it will not be the testimony of ex-ambassador Husain Haqqani or the contents of the affidavit of former US national security adviser Gen James Jones or even the in-person testimony of American businessman Mansoor Ijaz that would… Read More Memogate Scandal: How BlackBerry Set Works

Pakistan Launched Its First Search Engine “Raftaar”

Karachi: Pakistan’s first local search Engine “Raftaar Pakistan” has been launched in the country with the aim to facilitate internet users to explore filtered and Pakistan-based content rapidly. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has designed this online search engine (www.pakistan.pk/search) that will entertain a particular search string by fetching the relevant information from websites registered under .pk… Read More Pakistan Launched Its First Search Engine “Raftaar”