PTA Banned Lists For SMS

Some overly ethical telecom geniuses in Pakistan Telecom Authority couldn’t resist the “sms profanity” going on cellphone text messages, so they decided to just block every possible word they could come up that would lead their teenage kids to not feel……… lets say, ‘sexual’.

There are  two lists containing words seen as offensive by PTA, in Urdu and English. The sick minds behind the compilation didn’t gave a second thought for words as comon as “Mangaithar “, “dafa hoja”, “bewakoof”, “mango”, “taxi”, “hard”, “banging”, “black out”, “breast”, “cock”, “crap”, “crappy”, “deeper”, “deposit”, “devil”, “do me”, “drunk”, “fairy”, “get it on”, “he hate me”, “harder”, “hole”, “hostage”, “idiot”, “jesus christ”, “killer”, “kill me”, “laid”, “lotion”, “molest”, “pussy cat”, “showtime”, “sixty nine”, “tongue”…. the list goes on.

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