Learning to Blog? Seven Blogs You Should Have in Your Feed

A list of seven blogs that should be in your feed if you are learning to blog and wish to become more successful.

The first few months of your blog are the most crucial. If you don’t see the success you are looking for you may consider dropping your newest hobby. You may also be struggling to successfully monetize your blog after it’s been established. This is a list of 7 simply amazing blogs that you should have in your feed if you are looking to improve your knowledge of blogging.

 1.     Blogger Noob

This is one of my favorite blogs for making money online. This blog consistently publishes two to four posts a day. Generally they aren’t long ongoing posts however they are rich in information. There are also many contests going on here. It seems as though just as one ends, another starts. All prizes are paid for by him with his earnings. These earnings aren’t small and you will learn about successful ways of monetizing your site with affiliates and personal ad sales by reading his articles about making money online.

   Can t Get Rich

This is another one of my long time subscribed blogs. This blog started out as a blog telling you why you can not make money online. He talks about how to improve your blog, yet in the end his blog is starting to make money. He teaches you the patience you’ll need to survive in the blogging world along with many success stories that may give you ideas for your own.

  Caroline Middlebrook

This personal blog is one of the most inspirational ones. This blog isn’t meant to make her money, but to tell her readers about her story. To tell about how she quit her job, and is a full time blogger. She informs you of the steps needed to create a successful blog, along with informing you of the different ways she makes money and how you do it. I like this blog because she doesn’t hold information to herself. Her goal is to help you.

4.     Blogger Unleashed

This is a very well established blog receiving a high amount of traffic. While he may not have time to respond to your emails asking for help, I can bet he has your question answered in an article. Unlike most blog sites, he has a very neat and well constructed archive making it actually possible to look at older posts. He covers a wide variety of content. Things like monetizing your blog, creating content, getting your site noticed, and many other key pieces of information you’ll need to become successful.

5.     The University Kid

This is a rather encouraging blog. It’s an extremely successful blog written by a 16 year old. The blog focuses on obtaining RSS Subscribers and how this can help to your blogs monetization. The downside to this site is that I cannot find much of an archive for older posts. If you wish to read his content you will have to page through the older posts which may be helpful if you’re not looking for something in particular. Nonetheless this blog is full of useful information about receiving traffic.

6.     Tyler Cruz

Cruz is the blogger of one of the most popular learn to blog sites out there. I tend to stay away from the larger sized blogs simply because once they succeed they no longer strive to provide the useful posts the beginners will write. Tyler is an exception. 1,400 RSS subscribers strong and growing he continues to deliver high quality content about monetizing your blog, and posts that are the most useful to a very beginner blogger. Simply because most of his posts are geared towards getting you a very quick start.

7.     Entrepreneurs Journey

This is a successful blog by a successful blogger. The blogger is named Yaro Starak and he is a professional blogger. He had made over $100,000 blogging in a single year. This is no feat easily accomplished. He gives you useful information about search engine optimization, blog traffic, personal development, and how to earn money using affiliate accounts. This may not help you on your blog during your first few weeks, but once your blog gets a good start, this blog will help improve every aspect of blogging.

Blogging is not an easy task. You must satisfy your audience with high quality posts on a frequent basis. If you cannot do this, blogging may not be for you. The most popular RSS Subscriber would be Google’s. Simply sign up for a free iGoogle account and you will be able to display your feed on your Google homepage. This will allow you to check for new articles every time you sign on. I’m always looking for new blogs; if you can recommend any new ones for me they’d be much appreciated.


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