100+ Google Tricks


It’s Google’s world, we’re just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer?

 From super-effective search tricks to Google tools specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time.

 Search Tricks

These search tricks can save you time when researching online for your next project or just to find out what time it is across the world, so start using these right away.

Convert units. Whether you want to convert currency, American and metric units, or any other unit, try typing in the known unit and the unknown unit to find your answer (like “how many teaspoons in a tablespoon” or “10 US dollars in Euros”).

Do a timeline search. Use “view:timeline” followed by whatever you are researching to get a timeline for that topic.

Get around blocked sites. If you are having problems getting around a blocked site, just type “cache:website address” with website address being the address of the blocked site to use Google’s cached copy to get where you are going.

Use a tilde. Using a tilde (~) with a search term will bring you results with related search terms

Use the image search. Type in your search word, then select Images to use the image search when trying to put a picture to your term.

Get a definition. If you want a definition without having to track down an online (or a physical) dictionary, just type “definition:word” to find the definition of the word in your results (i.e.: “definition: serendipity” will track down the definition of the word “serendipity”).

Search within a specific website. If you know you want to look up Babe Ruth in Wikipedia, type in “site:wikipedia.org Babe Ruth” to go directly to the Wikipedia page about Babe Ruth. It works for any site, not just Wikipedia.

Search within a specific kind of site. If you know you only want results from an educational site, try “site:edu” or for a government site, try “site:gov” and your search term to get results only from sites with those web addresses.

Search for a specific file type. If you know you want a PDF (or maybe an MP3), just type in “filetype:pdf” and your search term to find results that are only in that file type.

Calculate with Google. Type in any normal mathematical expressions to get the answer immediately. For example, “2*4” will get you the answer “8.”

Time. Enter “what time is it” and any location to find out the local time.

Find a term in a URL. This handy trick is especially useful when searching blogs, where dates are frequently used in the URL. If you want to know about a topic for that year only and not any other year, type “inurl:2009” and your keyword to find results with your keyword in URLs with 2009 in them.

Use Show Options to refine your search. Click “Show Options” on your search result page to have access to tools that will help you filter and refine your results.

Search for a face. If you are looking for a person and not just their name, type “&imgtype=face” after the search results to narrow your results to those with images of faces.

Google Specifically for Education

From Google Scholar that returns only results from scholarly literature to learning more about computer science, these Google items will help you at school.

Google Scholar. Use this specialized Google search to get results from scholarly literature such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, and academic publishers.

Use Google Earth’s Sky feature. Take a look at the night sky straight from your computer when you use this feature.

Open your browser with iGoogle. Set up an iGoogle page and make it your homepage to have ready access to news stories, your Google calendar, blogs you follow in Google Reader, and much more.

Stay current with Google News. Like an electronic clearinghouse for news, Google News brings headlines from news sources around the world to help you stay current without much effort.

Create a Google Custom Search Engine. On your own or in collaboration with other students, put together an awesome project like one of the examples provided that can be used by many.

Collect research notes with Google Notebook. Use this simple note-taking tool to collect your research for a paper or project.

Make a study group with Google Groups. Google Groups allows you to communicate and collaborate in groups, so take this option to set up a study group that doesn’t have to meet face-to-face.

Google Code University. Visit this Google site to have access to Creative Commons-licensed content to help you learn more about computer science.

Study the oceans with Google Earth 5. Google Earth 5 provides information on the ocean floor and surface with data from marine experts, including shipwrecks in 3D.

Learn what experts have to say. Explore Knol to find out what experts have to say on a wide range of topics. If you are an expert, write your own Knol, too.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great replacement for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so learn how to use this product even more efficiently.

Use premade templates. Use these 50 pre-made templates to track spending, keep up with your health, and much more.

Collaborate on group projects. Google Docs allows for real-time collaboration, so make easy work for everyone next time you have a group project due.

Use keyboard shortcuts. Use this handy list of keyboard shortcuts to save lots of time while using Google Docs.

Create online surveys for research projects. Quickly and easily create online surveys for any research project that requires feedback from others. The answers are saved to your Google Docs account.

Add video to your presentation. Learn how to seamlessly add video to your Google Docs page to really give your presentation or project a boost.

Use the school year calendar template. Have an easy to use school year calendar through Google Docs by following these instructions.

Create graphs from spreadsheets. Once you have populated a spreadsheet with data, you can easily create a graph. Google Docs allows for pie, bar, line, and scatter graphs.

Create a new document with shortcuts. Learn two ways to open a new Google Docs page with these tricks.

Right click to use save-as. Use the right click save-as option to save a Google Docs document on your computer.

Send invitations. School shouldn’t be all about work. Find out how to send party invitations using Google Docs.


The super-popular Gmail is full of fun and fast ways to make your life and communications easier.

Use the Tasks as a to-do list. Use the Tasks available in Gmail as a way to stay on top of assignments, exams, and project due dates.

Use the Archive feature. One of the great features of Gmail is that it allows you to archive emails to get them out of your inbox, then you can use the search feature to find them if you need them again.

Highlight mail with labels. Use labels to mark your messages. You can find them easily while in your inbox and do a search for all the messages with that label after you archive them.

Never forget to attach a file. By signing up for the Labs, you can select to have the Forgotten Attachment Detector. This feature notices if you have typed something about an attachment in the body, but are sending without actually attaching anything–a great tool to save time and embarrassment.

Use keyboard shortcuts. Go to Settings and enable keyboard shortcuts so you can perform common tasks at the touch of just one or two keys.

Add multiple attachments. Use the Control (or Cmd on Macs) and Shift keys to select more than one file to attach to your email at one time.

Use the https option. Google recommends using this option if you use your Gmail in public places like a dorm or coffee shop to add an extra bit of protection to your Internet activities.

Incorporate Google Calendar and Docs on your Gmail page. Have access to recent documents used in Google Docs and get an agenda of upcoming activities you have on Google Calendar with small boxes added to your Gmail page. Go to Labs to select this option.

Add a “Waiting for Response” label. If you have emails in your inbox that you are holding until someone gets back to you, creating this label keeps you from forgetting to follow up on it later.

Use Canned Responses. If you find yourself writing the same type of email over and over, use the Canned Responses feature in the Labs to create a template that you you can use without having to type out the entire email every time.

Consolidate email accounts. If you have a Gmail account, an account through school, and any other account you are juggling separately, combine them all into Gmail to cut down on time spent checking all those accounts.

Use AIM in Gmail. If you use AIM to IM friends or partners on projects, add it to the chat feature already in Gmail to have access to both.

Google Calendar

Save yourself some time by keeping track of appointments, assignments, and more with Google Calendar.

Sync up with others using iCal or Sunbird. Google lets you sync your calendar with others using Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird.

Customize reminders. Set reminders in your Google Calendar so that you never forget an appointment again. Choose from email, pop-up, or SMS reminders and even set when the reminder comes.

Learn some basic keyboard shortcuts. Change from daily to weekly to monthly view, compose a new event, and more with these simple shortcuts.

Use Quick Add. Click on Quick Add and type the day and time and what you are doing to have the calendar create the event with the correct time and date.

Use multiple calendars. Create separate calendars for school work, personal information, important due dates, and more to stay ultra-organized.

Get a text message with your daily agenda. Keep up with all that you need to do for the day without ever having to log on to your Google Calendar.

Set weekly repeats for any day. The drop-down menu only offers M/W/F or T/Th options for repeating events. Go to “Every Week” and customize which days you want the event to repeat.

Get upcoming events while away from the computer. Check out #8 in this list to learn how to access your upcoming events via your phone.

Add events from Gmail. If you receive an email with event time and date information, you can easily add this event to your calendar by clicking “Add to calendar.”

Invite others. If you have events on your calendar that you want to invite others to join, just add their email address under Add Guests within the event.

Google Mobile

Whether riding the bus or walking to class, use Google Mobile to stay productive while away from your computer.

Sync your calendar. Never be far from your Google Calendar when you sync it to your phone.

Check your email. Keep your email right at your fingertips with Gmail for mobile.

Access your blog subscriptions. Keep up with your blogs and news feeds that you subscribe to through Reader right on your phone.

Use Google Voice to consolidate phone numbers. If you have a phone in your dorm or apartment, a cell phone, and any other phone numbers, consolidate them into one number with Google Voice.

Easily find friends. Find out where your friends are and even get a map with directions for how to get there with Google Latitudes.

Find out information easily while on the go. Whether you are looking for a great place to eat dinner, wondering what the weather is like, or want to know what the Spanish word for “bathroom” is, just text your information to Google (466453–spells Google on your phone) to get the answer texted back right away.

Access iGoogle. Get your iGoogle page formatted just for the smaller screen size of your phone.

Read your Google Docs. Have access to all your Google Docs items right on your phone.

Keep a to-do list on your phone. Use Google Tasks for mobile so you can access your to-do list any time–and check off what you’ve finished, too.

Never get lost again. Google Maps is an interactive program for most smart phones that offers tons of features so you will never have to be lost again.

Do a quick search anywhere. Find information with a Google search from your phone to impress your professors and your friends.

Access Google Books. Android and iPhone users can access Google Books on their phones.

Post to your blog. Use your mobile to post to your Blogger blog.

Google Chrome Tips and Extensions

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, then you will love these time-saving tips and extensions.

Use a “Pin Tab”. If you have multiple tabs open, use a “Pin Tab” to make the tabs the size of the little icon on the left side.

Don’t overlook Paste and Search and Paste and Go. These two features are available when you right-click to add a word or URL to Chrome and will save you an extra step.

Reopen a closed tab. Oops! If you didn’t mean to close that tab, just press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen it.

Use the Chrome shortcuts. Open a new tab, see your history, maximize your window, and much more with these shortcuts.

Take advantage of the address bar. With Google Chrome, you can use the address bar to perform a Google search, quickly access pages you’ve already visited, and get recommendations for places to go.

Go incognito. If you don’t want to leave traces of where you were browsing, use incognito mode instead of having to go back and delete your history and cookies.

Use the bookmarks manager. Stay organized, rearrange bookmarks, search for bookmarks, add folders, and much more with the bookmark manager.

ChromePass. This tool will give you a list of all the password information stored in Google Chrome.

Save as PDF. Save any page as a PDF with this bookmarklet.

ChromeMailer. If you’ve lost valuable time when having to manually enter email information from a website because Google Chrome doesn’t support the mailto: function, then you will love this extension.

Google Chrome Backup. Back up your personal data, bookmarks, and more with this simple tool.

Google Books

Learn how Google Books can save you time and trips to the library with these tricks.

Search full text. Google Books offers full text for over 10,000 books, so look here the next time you are researching something at the last minute.

Use “About this book”. At the top left of the page of a book, clicking this link will give you helpful information such as the table of contents, related books, and a map of places mentioned in the book.

Create a personalized library. Click on “Add to my shared library” to start your own personalized library where you can label books to keep them organized for each class or project.

Find books in your college library. Each book in Google Books has a link to find the book in a library. It can tell you exactly where to look at your own school.

Use the Advanced Book Search. If you can’t find the book you are looking for, try the advanced search, which provides you with many more detailed options.

Access text books. Many text books are available on Google Books, so see if you can save a trip to the bookstore next semester.

Search for magazine content. Select Magazines in the Advanced Book Search to locate information from magazines.

Read the blog. Google Books is constantly evolving, so stay on top of all the latest news with the Inside Google Books blog.

Find books to supplement your assigned texts. Search by subject to see what books you may be able to read to get the extra leg up in your classes.

Handy Google Services and Apps

These other Google products will help you save time by offering you everything from alerts to online collaboration to help working with data sets.

Google Alerts. Sign up to get email notifications any time a topic you designate shows up in Google search results. This is a great way to stay current with a project or news story.

Google Desktop. Keep a clock, weather, news stories, Google search box, and more all within easy reach when you use Google Desktop.

Google SketchUp. If you need to draw 3D figures for class, use Google SketchUp to do so easily and free of charge.

Google Talk. This versatile app is more than just for IMs. You can switch to voice, do a video chat, and send texts, too.

Google Images. Google has an incredible image search feature that will provide you with tons of high-quality images you can use in presentations.

Google Translate. Don’t spend time looking up stuff in books, use Google Translate to get foreign words translated right away.

Google Wave. This brand new Google product shows great promise for anyone collaborating, but especially for those in school. Communicate, create documents, and more–all in real-time.

Google Finance. Business students can keep track of markets, news, portfolios, and more in one place.

Google Toolbar. Have easy access to Gmail, Google search, bookmarks, and more with this toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Picasa. Manage your photos and even incorporate them into your blogs and emails with Google’s streamlines photo manager.

Google Squared. Find facts and organize them with this search feature from Google Labs.

Google Fusion Tables. If you are working with data sets, then you will love this program that will allow you to upload data, create visual representations, and take part in discussions about the data.

Blogger. Create a blog as a part of a project or just to stay in touch with friends and family in an easy way.

How do you use Google in the classroom? Share in the comments section!



Shah Mehmood Qureshi Joins Imran Khan’s PTI

 Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
Addressing a rally after Imran Khan’s address in Ghotki, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that people had asked him about his future political plans after his resignation from the Pakistan Peoples Party.
Qureshi said that he had considered a lot of options before reaching this decision.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that President Asif Ali Zardari had said that he would not be allowed to hold a rally in Ghotki.
He said that it was not the land of Asif Ali Zardari but that of Sindhi people. During the address, Qureshi stopped attendees from chanting slogans of his name and asked them to listen to him.
He said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a son of Sindh and he came out before the people of Pakistan when the members of National Assembly didn’t listen to him.
Qureshi said that Sindhis were those people who passed the first resolution for the establishment of Pakistan in the Sindh Assembly.
The former foreign minister said that the convoy that started from Multan would go all way long to topple ‘Firown’ in Islamabad.
He said that the all eyes were at Imran Khan because the nation was finding its leaders to lead from the front to make the country prosperous.

The Golden Rules of Perfect Web Designing

The mind of a web designer is always full of crazy design ideas. Web designing is a process that can be broken down in numerous styles by designers all over the world. If it is well thought out and considered properly, it can be enhanced in many various ways. But for a creative process that leads to a perfect outcome there surely must be a really essential plan. We’ve done this job for you and present you design ideas for fresh and perfect web design.


project Initialization

When a new project comes in hand, designers have a huge number of ideas in their heads. This period is the most anxious for artists. Therefore it is really important to have a look at things with relax mind and take a decision while keeping in mind what the project reflects in reality and what are its basic requirements.For this ask a few simple questions on different aspects of the project.


Ask question while designing

Web designers can ask the following questions:

  • What as a designer you are looking for in the project?
  • What your client is expecting from you to do?

There may be some specific items you may want to include like banners, navigations with different structure, a logo or an influential color scheme.


scetch mockup

After clarifying the above questions sketch a few mockups that will really be helpful in making the design process easy. If you are not artistic don’t panic even a rough sketch can also be useful and provide inspiration than having nothing at all. With prototype, you will have a proper guideline for your work and also provide you with a wireframe, which will be a base for all your future pages. If the page styles differ you can also modify the wireframes.


Design galleries

Many designers submit their artworks into design galleries so others may get inspiration. Everyone can borrow ideas from these places and there is no harm in it. You can take up different design ideas and artistic styles and blend them together to have a fantastic design of your own. Many artists oppose this point of view, but if you are a true designer you can master this skill and soon begin to create your own interfaces simply through inspiration without copying anyone’s ideas. Designers need to exercise creative part of their brain and with time they become perfect in it. There are many showcases online including spectacular CSS galleries that can be used for this purpose.



Visualize how your project will appear in different browsers before converting your mockup into a coding format. Imagine yourself as a viewer, and see with the user’s eye how the project will look. This practice will help you to see things from a bigger perspective rather than being just a designer. This will also save a lot of time in the long run.


The process of creation an alternate design will take time but it’s really worth it, so don’t miss this step. Draw a few alternative designs and choose from them the final version. This can easily be done using Photoshop. The process often takes much time, as I already said, but it can save a lot of efforts while final stages of production.


White spaces in design

Always keep in mind white spaces while designing. When the elements of a page are properly laid out you get a perfect and natural symmetry in design. You can get a good and user friendly website keeping in mind web pages coded in grids and accessibility. Remove any elements that take up space not needed. Check out such kind of content like paragraphs, headings, images and videos etc. Arrange all these elements in a way that users don’t face interactivity problems. Make a list of page elements that seem necessary to you. It may comprise of search boxes, social media sharing buttons, shopping cart icons or links, featured blog posts and a contact form.

The gold rule of designing is to set your mind free during a working process, this will help more inspirational ideas to come.


Woodpecker is in actuality mind-blowing bird; there are approximately 200 classes of woodpecker live in the jungle and woodlands worldwide. Woodpeckers are found on every continent with the exception of the Polar Regions, Australia and Madagascar. The smallest kind of woodpecker is the Bar-breasted Pickled that only grows to 8cm in height. The Gray Salty woodpecker from south East Asia is the largest breathing woodpecker in the world with some of these woodpecker individuals growing to nearly 60 cm tall. The woodpecker has a distinctive long beak, which the woodpecker uses to make holes in trees. The woodpecker does this in order to dig out the grubs living under the bark. The average woodpecker is able to peck up to 20 pecks per second! The woodpecker is only able to peck so much and move its head so quickly without getting a headache due to the air pockets that help to cushion the woodpecker’s brain. Here i collected different woodpecker images.

Woodpecker Photos Collection (1)

Woodpecker Photos Collection (2)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (3)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (4)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (5)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (6)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (7)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (8)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (9)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (10)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (11)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (12)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (13)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (14)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (15)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (16)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (17)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (18)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (19)
Woodpecker Photos Collection (20)

Learning to Blog? Seven Blogs You Should Have in Your Feed

A list of seven blogs that should be in your feed if you are learning to blog and wish to become more successful.

The first few months of your blog are the most crucial. If you don’t see the success you are looking for you may consider dropping your newest hobby. You may also be struggling to successfully monetize your blog after it’s been established. This is a list of 7 simply amazing blogs that you should have in your feed if you are looking to improve your knowledge of blogging.

 1.     Blogger Noob

This is one of my favorite blogs for making money online. This blog consistently publishes two to four posts a day. Generally they aren’t long ongoing posts however they are rich in information. There are also many contests going on here. It seems as though just as one ends, another starts. All prizes are paid for by him with his earnings. These earnings aren’t small and you will learn about successful ways of monetizing your site with affiliates and personal ad sales by reading his articles about making money online.

   Can t Get Rich

This is another one of my long time subscribed blogs. This blog started out as a blog telling you why you can not make money online. He talks about how to improve your blog, yet in the end his blog is starting to make money. He teaches you the patience you’ll need to survive in the blogging world along with many success stories that may give you ideas for your own.

  Caroline Middlebrook

This personal blog is one of the most inspirational ones. This blog isn’t meant to make her money, but to tell her readers about her story. To tell about how she quit her job, and is a full time blogger. She informs you of the steps needed to create a successful blog, along with informing you of the different ways she makes money and how you do it. I like this blog because she doesn’t hold information to herself. Her goal is to help you.

4.     Blogger Unleashed

This is a very well established blog receiving a high amount of traffic. While he may not have time to respond to your emails asking for help, I can bet he has your question answered in an article. Unlike most blog sites, he has a very neat and well constructed archive making it actually possible to look at older posts. He covers a wide variety of content. Things like monetizing your blog, creating content, getting your site noticed, and many other key pieces of information you’ll need to become successful.

5.     The University Kid

This is a rather encouraging blog. It’s an extremely successful blog written by a 16 year old. The blog focuses on obtaining RSS Subscribers and how this can help to your blogs monetization. The downside to this site is that I cannot find much of an archive for older posts. If you wish to read his content you will have to page through the older posts which may be helpful if you’re not looking for something in particular. Nonetheless this blog is full of useful information about receiving traffic.

6.     Tyler Cruz

Cruz is the blogger of one of the most popular learn to blog sites out there. I tend to stay away from the larger sized blogs simply because once they succeed they no longer strive to provide the useful posts the beginners will write. Tyler is an exception. 1,400 RSS subscribers strong and growing he continues to deliver high quality content about monetizing your blog, and posts that are the most useful to a very beginner blogger. Simply because most of his posts are geared towards getting you a very quick start.

7.     Entrepreneurs Journey

This is a successful blog by a successful blogger. The blogger is named Yaro Starak and he is a professional blogger. He had made over $100,000 blogging in a single year. This is no feat easily accomplished. He gives you useful information about search engine optimization, blog traffic, personal development, and how to earn money using affiliate accounts. This may not help you on your blog during your first few weeks, but once your blog gets a good start, this blog will help improve every aspect of blogging.

Blogging is not an easy task. You must satisfy your audience with high quality posts on a frequent basis. If you cannot do this, blogging may not be for you. The most popular RSS Subscriber would be Google’s. Simply sign up for a free iGoogle account and you will be able to display your feed on your Google homepage. This will allow you to check for new articles every time you sign on. I’m always looking for new blogs; if you can recommend any new ones for me they’d be much appreciated.

PTA Banned Lists For SMS

Some overly ethical telecom geniuses in Pakistan Telecom Authority couldn’t resist the “sms profanity” going on cellphone text messages, so they decided to just block every possible word they could come up that would lead their teenage kids to not feel……… lets say, ‘sexual’.

There are  two lists containing words seen as offensive by PTA, in Urdu and English. The sick minds behind the compilation didn’t gave a second thought for words as comon as “Mangaithar “, “dafa hoja”, “bewakoof”, “mango”, “taxi”, “hard”, “banging”, “black out”, “breast”, “cock”, “crap”, “crappy”, “deeper”, “deposit”, “devil”, “do me”, “drunk”, “fairy”, “get it on”, “he hate me”, “harder”, “hole”, “hostage”, “idiot”, “jesus christ”, “killer”, “kill me”, “laid”, “lotion”, “molest”, “pussy cat”, “showtime”, “sixty nine”, “tongue”…. the list goes on.

Internet Based Businesses – Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands

Starting an internet based business has become a best for abounding bodies in today’s animated business world. This is barefaced because the internet can be an accomplished best for those who are attractive for added airy lifestyle. Accepting beforehand business acquaintance in acceptable offline apple can accomplish this best alike easier.

If you are adversity from the unemployment rates, it could be time to booty you’re approaching into your own easily and see if there is a befalling out there that could change your life.
The key to award the adapted internet business is to analyze every befalling that comes your way fully. You appetite to be able afore starting any business. You can abstain authoritative mistakes by investigating anniversary befalling that you are absorbed in. Eventually you may appetite to become complex in added than one befalling and this can addition your assets alike further.
You can save a lot of money with your own business on the internet because you will assignment from home. You do not accept to use the gas you commonly use to get aback and alternating from work. You are able to eat at home and this can save you money every day. Also, if you do not accept to shop for accouterment that is assignment appropriate, you can save a abundant accord of money as well.

If you accept some accurate accomplishment you can use that as the foundation of your internet based business. You aloof charge to anticipate what affectionate of things you are acceptable at, or accept an acceptable ability of. If you are accepting an adamantine time award a skill, you can consistently attending at the role you played in the accumulated apple and conceivably you can action an accomplishment that you accept abstruse in the workforce.
Effective business is acute for any acknowledged business. That is why you charge to absorb best of your time acquirements how to advance your internet business the best able way. If no one knows who you are, it can be adamantine to accomplish any sales.
With able business planning you can get your business accepted and advance an acceptable reputation. Bodies’ alpha to apperceive you and assurance you. When you body a chump base, it wills advice you access your sales and this will best absolutely advice your basal line.
An internet based business is a abundant way to breach out of the restraints of the accumulated world. If you accept been complex in the workforce for too continued and charge to booty ascendancy of your life, starting your own business on the internet can advice you breach out and be amenable for your own future.