How to add a google plus widget in website

You may already have noticed this in various website,  Most of the webmasters and bloggers are putting a google plus widget with their profile url in their website. The visitors of this site can easily add the blogger or webmaster to their google plus circle by simply clicking the profile url from the widget.

Webmasters or Bloggers actually do it to get more and targeted followers on google plus. And readers and visitor can easily add there favorite bloggers or writer. The bloggers and visitors both are being benefited from the website google plus widget.Google Plus Circle Widgets

How to add google plus widget to your site

If you are a blogger or website owner, you can do the same whats others are doing. You can put your google plus profile in website in various way, wordpress users can add this by installing a plugin. But here I have one advice. As plugin make slower our site, So I don’t recommend using any plugin to do the simple task.

You can actually do it by putting some simple code. Code? Don’t know? ok, Don’t be worry. here is various solutions. But I recommend to generate the code from this website.

To generate your code, you have to put your profile address on the top box of this page. (Shown in the image below.)

Oh yeah. Don’t know how to find your profile url? Ok, the go to your google plus account and click on the profile tab. Now look forward to your browser address bar. This is your profile url. (Shown in the image below)

After pasting your profile url to the box, click Generate button to generate your code. You will get basically two types of code. One is for small widgets and another is for big widgets which contains google plus user stream as well as profile link. Choose the right one from this and paste this code to your website actually where you want to put the widget.

source page 


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