Enemy within

We are printing Rs300 crore a day every day of the calendar year. That’s what inflation is all about. To be certain, the meanest component of inflation is food inflation because the poorer one is the higher percentage of his or her income goes toward buying food. And in this Land of the Pure there’s some 12 crore to 13 crore Pakistanis earning Rs200 or less a day. Inflation, in fact, is the biggest of all our problems (Gallup Pakistan; Jan 27, 2011). Just who is behind this printing of notes – America, India or Israel?

Loadshedding ?
According to our very own National Power Control Centre, we have an installed capacity of 18,167 MW – and that is roughly 10 percent or 15 percent more than currently needed. The problem, therefore, is not capacity but the circular debt. The federal government, KESC, Fata, our private sector and the government of Balochistan collectively owe Pepco a colossal Rs250 billion. Pepco in return owes the IPPs, Wapda, our oil sector and our gas sector Rs140 billion. Just who is behind this loadshedding – America, India or Israel?

Pakistan Railways?
Here are five facts about Pakistan Railways (PR): One; 384 out of 540 diesel engines are out of order. Two; PR has 16,433 carriage wagons out of which 8,005 are not on tracks. Three; the US has offered a $400 million loan for the purchase of 150 locomotives. Four; Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, our railways minister, has decided to lease 50 engines from India. Five; PR’s deficit stands at Rs40 billion. Just who is behind this mess at PR? Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is not an Indian agent. Javed Iqbal, chairman railways, is not an American agent.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA)?

Here are four facts about PIA: One; 10 out of 39 PIA aircraft have been grounded because of technical faults – that’s 25 percent of the entire fleet. Two; Nadeem Khan Yousufzai is the MD. Three; accumulated losses are fast approaching Rs100 billion – 100 followed by nine zeros. Is Nadeem Khan following some top-secret Israeli agenda? Isn’t Yousufzai one of the largest of all Pushtun tribes?

Education Policy?
Of all the evils we have ever nurtured, substituting public school curriculum with hate literature has to be one of the most evil (National Education Policy 1979). We have 157,360 primary, 41,330 middle and 24,792 secondary schools. Mossad has 1,200 employees and we have more than 1.2 million teachers teaching – or is it preaching – at our schools. To be sure, public school curriculum is a powerful driver behind conflict throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan. Just who is behind this master conspiracy – America, India or Israel? Is Sanjeev Tripathi, the head of RAW, also a member of our curriculum wing?

Government Performance?

Next. Between 1947 and 2008 we took on Rs6 trillion worth of public debt. Over the past three years our public debt has gone from Rs6 trillion to Rs12 trillion. Every man, woman and child in Pakistan is now indebted to the tune of Rs61, 000. Imagine; the Government of Pakistan continues to borrow additional funds and that too at the rate of Rs500 crore a day every calendar day of the year. Is Pakistan’s Debt Policy Coordination Office working under the direction of Tamir Pardo, the current director of the Mossad?

Who said that facts are the enemy of truth?

Writer: Dr Farrukh Saleem


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