Simple Calculation in Google Chrome Address Bar

Did you ever know that you can use Google Chrome address bar as calculator? Yes you can.

There are lots of things that we need to know. As we move on, we learn new thing simple or complex. Today I thought that opened google home page and typing in the search box ” 12% of 34500″. But accidentally I have typed,” 12% of 34500″ in the address bar and to my surprise, a pop up appeared almost immediately with “4140″ written on it and later on I found 4140 to be correct answer.


I tried for the second time for 6% of 5600 and the answer was right. Then I searched in google and I came to know that it is Google Chrome Onmibox Calculator. We can do simple methematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, finding percentage and more. It is faster than opening up your calculator.

We call it ” address bar” but google call it  ”omnibox”


2 thoughts on “Simple Calculation in Google Chrome Address Bar

  1. Not only that, but I tried typing « Google Tarjuma » (meaning Google Translate) in Urdu alphabets in Chrome address bar and got the result perfectly. Evidently Google Search can recognise Urdu alphabets whereas Internet Explorer of Microsoft cannot do so.

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