Facebook’s Changes – in Pictures

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled the social network’s most dramatic redesign in years, introducing a host of new features – including the ability to watch films, listen to music and read news content from within Facebook. Zuckerberg also unveiled the new “Timeline” design for your profile page, which will show a complete history of your life on Facebook. Click on to see our preview of what the Facebook changes will look like.

Facebook – Say goodbye to your old profile – this is what it will look like when the new changes take affect. You’ll be able to skip to your activity in different years and months using the timeline on the right hand side. As well as your profile photo, you’ll also get a cover photo, which will stretch across the top of the profile.

The Acitivity Log will show you all the things you’ve added on your Timeline and any other notifications. You’ll be able to tweak the privacy for each piece of content or even delete things completely from here.

It’ll be simple to decide who can view your app activity, and you can also choose whether to simply allow it on Timeline, feature it (so it’ll be bolder and take up more of your Timeline) or hide it completely.  You’ll also be able to control privacy from the Timeline.

Timeline aggregates all your activity and summarises it on your page in subject matters. You’ll also be able to view each of these subjects in their own Timeline so you can just see the photo or music activity of your friends, for example…

Music integration is a big part of the new Facebook and with music services like Spotify on board with new apps, you’ll be able to stream music without having to leave Facebook. This is how your music module might look on your Timeline.

New app controls aim to make it easier to use apps without pop ups every time you want to share something. This way, you’ll be aware of what will happen when you use the app, and you can tweak these settings at any time.


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