Urdu Column by‎ Javed Choudary – Nafrat ka Cycle (Cycle of Extreme dislike) Pos

  Javed Chaudhryجاوید چوہدری) is a newspaper columnist. His series of columns have been published in four volumes in Urdu language. His most notable column ZERO POINT has great influence upon people of Pakistan especially Youth and Muslims of Pakistan. He writes for the Urdu newspaper Daily Express four time a week, covering topics ranging from social issues to politic

Below is his new column published also with Daily Express  titled “Nafrat ka Cycle نفرت کا سائیکل– Cycle of Extreme dislike” in which he writes about the anger and frustration found in the youth of Pakistan, and how politicians are increasing this frustration. He also writes about his discussion on this matter with a UK national Pakistani psychologist, who tells about some eye opening facts.


3 thoughts on “Urdu Column by‎ Javed Choudary – Nafrat ka Cycle (Cycle of Extreme dislike) Pos

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