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2 thoughts on “Hajj Latest Pictures

  1. Janab Jamil Sahib,
    I want to bring to your notice for correction of the dates for the tenure of MNA & MPA of district Lodhran. Please, correct the dates in the List of MNA’s of District Lodhran i.e.,
    I fail to understand why the historians of Pakistan specially District Lodhran purposely try to forget the development efforts, and, the sacrifices made by Late Syed Nasir Ali Rizvi- former Federal Minister of Pakistan, to make Pakistan a developing and an atomic nation. He is the First MNA from Kahror Pacca, District Lodhran who became the Full Fledge Federal Minister of Pakistan in the presence of Gillanis, Qureshis, Garderzis, and other big guns. This is an Honor for the people of our area. His efforts ” Khidmaat” can not be forgotten. He is the First Politician who brought the roads, telephone, electricity, school, and,colleges in now the District Lodhran. Please, keep the History straight and in order for the next generation as by distortion it can not be faced out of the hearts of the people.

    I shall be grateful to you for setting the record straight and for your acknowledgement in this regard.

    Thanking you,
    Syed Akbar Ali Rizvi
    November 24,2010.

    1. Dear Syed Akbar Ali Rizvi Sahib,
      First of all I’m thankful for awesome comments, correction and visit my site(http://meralodhran.blogspot.com/). Your advice, and guidance…is horrendous for mine.
      Totally agree with you that Syed Nasir Ali Rizvi was the great leader of lodhran, and peoples of this area, may can’t be forget him (May Allah give him a place in Jannat). My first aim to develop this site, bringing a knowledge (about Lodhran) to
      our next generation. One request, please keep in touch in future for more advice and guidance.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you! and hope for reply soon.

      Jamil Hussain

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