Paypal in Pakistan, A sheer disappointment!

Pakistan is one of the prominent outsourcing destination in Asia, according to the report of “Kearneys” an internationally acclaimed global consulting firm, Pakistan is the 20th favorite outsourcing hub in the word. I believe this is not enough, In Pakistan, there is large no of people with advance skills in IT & other specialized sector. there is still a big room of improvement as India & china, our neighboring countries continuously dominates as the top offshore destinations in the world. Yes! i agree they are larger then Pakistan with huge pool of resource people but the question is why are we behind in the list from the countries like Indonesia, Bulgaria & Sri Lanka??

E commerce became the source of living for most of the IT professionals, but in Pakistan when the young entrepreneurs steps forward to make their career in e-commerce, they find it difficult to manage their payments & receiving on the internet. it is hard to reveal that PayPal one of the leading source to send or receive money on the internet didn’t authorized Pakistan to avail there services. So this means that a large no of freelancers & IT professionals cant be able to get the benefit of online job portals like odesk, elance & many others.

PayPal in Pakistan became a dilemma now. Its been 11 years since paypal started their services & now they have reached 190 countries but yet Pakistan is not in the list, So the result is most of the people here get in the hassle to ask their relatives & friends from the PayPal supported country to send or receive their online payments. You know people in Malta & Uganda can send & receive payments online using PayPal but not the people of Pakistan. I don’t know the reason why PayPal is ignoring the growing entrepreneurs & online merchants of Pakistan, they are loosing a good revenue that they can make if started their services in Pakistan. I don’t want to extent this debate with unjustified remarks that people make about why PayPal is not available in Pakistan. but hope that we will see PayPal soon in our country.

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