Prostitution in Pakistan

Prostitution the sale of sexual services, a person selling sexual services is a prostitute. Those concerned about justice for sex workers focus on the law. If you’re interested in culture, however, you find that the sex industry looks and acts quite similar no matter which prostitution law is in place: the scene – the milieux – tend to be similar everywhere, with stylistic local differences. The health problems, the economics, the labour issues also are remarkably alike across cultures and borders, so that what workers experience in Ghana resembles what they experience in Thailand or France, and so on. Not so long ago I published a vague but suggestive story about the diversification of the sex industry in Pakistan,  Now here’s another story from there about how that old favourite ’street prostitution’ has changed with the times, so that mobile phones play a big role. The reporter’s tone is pleasantly neutral, and note that he ends with my point about the law: ‘In a country where commercial sex is officially prohibited, it is usually available just a few minutes’ drive away.’ Note: 100 pkr = 0.89 euro

Punjab account for more numbers of prostitutes in the country, but Karachi and Islamabad are said to be the preferred places of operation. Large number of girls from Bangladesh, Punjab and interior Sindh identify as nurse or other occupation making the Karachi high supply zone. Women from Afghanistan and former Soviet Union are also part of the sex trade in Karachi.

The lesson found that 90% of the prostitutes are in the 15-35 age group and their average work life spans15 years. There is a great demand for younger girls and more than 35% of prostitutes enter the sex trade before the age of 18,” preferred by Bara Saith (patron) and older for young Saith.
Don’t think this is kind of stories you used to read in Doshiza, Kawateen digest, Akbarah jahah, Saspanis or Tn Aaratahin tin Kahani, It real real life scenario of hundreds of girls living in Pakistan; Majority of prostitutes are from lower castes and lower middle class 40% were from the upper was a new trend; the trade is spread not across religions belief but also across sexes.
The number of prostitutes in Karachi has risen by 50% in less than a decade, many prostitutes are said to be underage, entering the sex trade between the ages of 13 and 15 but also the huge number between 20s & 30s and interviewing the urban prostitutes is not an easy task.
If somebody made a MMS, an R-rated love scene, where they were sort of naked and pretending to have sex, that’s acting will become Masala SMS. No wonder there will be Hot MMS CD will be sold in Boultaan market and Sales for 50 Rupees.

Once there was a time when Nawabs of India send their young kid to Tawaeef to learn Urdu and good manners. Now trends have changes they send them to enjoy the life and say ” aabhi bachaa hain kuch nahi hota; Shadi wadi ka baad sudar ja hain ga.

One CG says We have started doing this to end obscenity in people minds. Other says We chose sex work after we did a lot of things we couldn’t stand. Sex work is better. For me, sex work isn’t my first choice of paying work. It just happens to be the best alternative available. It’s better than being president of someone else’s corporation. It’s better than being a secretary. It is the most honest work I know.

If prostitution would legalize in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the rape, incest domestic violence rate would decrease by roughly 25% ????

Most prostitutes in Karachi do not want their publicity as Lahore but they prefer to work in secrecy. Pakistani women will never speak publicly on Prostitution, women across the Karachi never find out how this contentious issue is view outside home.

Burning of garbage and cars on roadsides is quite common in Karachi city but now you find something else. It has been observed that some big cars owners even a guy in bike in Korangi use the services in front of their reputed Islamic citizen situated on the main areas on majors Road. Prostitution: oldest profession with modern technology in a developing country well developed industry by changing the name and brand services don’t change.

Thick clouds of poverty rity rising from these heaps of industry not only cause Aids but also make others women difficult who work side by side with man in Karachi Commercial city. At times, prostitution was limited on Nipper road which moving at high speed. And not visible to ordinary citizen while crossing the main road because of they are already busy solving their own problems, thereby increasing the possibilities of HIV Aids.

The concerned officials of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries are requested to look into the matter and legalize this industry and issue them licensee to kill (our tradition and values). Just kidding we are not Denmark we are in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The prostitutes operate in a wide range of venues, ranging from hotels to flats. There is a wide disparity in their incomes. Prostitutes operating on the street earn between 2,000 a day and 40,000 rupees per 20 days, whereas call girls make 5,000- 100,000 Pak Rupees depending on the network. Which they usually spend on Phone Cards, Cigarette, Pan, drugs, Taxi, Fast Food, and Batah for police and the Pimp the (Business Development and Relation Manager).

It’s wrong to promote the fact that one person buying another is legitimate. To me, this is nothing more than human trafficking, and it’s completely unacceptable. The prostitution could be controlled by changing economic development in Karachi where the sex trade has becoming prevalent.

below read the column of Javed Choudary in this regard:-

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