Khalid Shameem Wynne new CJCSC

Following his promotion as a 4-star general, Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne was appointed Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) on Tuesday. Officially, it is said that on the advice of the prime minister, President Asif Ali Zardari promoted Lt Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne as 4-star general and appointed him as Chairman JCSC.
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“Brilliant officer,” said one of General Wyne’s colleagues, who lauded the decision of the president and the prime minister to appoint him as the Chairman JCSC. Some circles do not rule out that Monday’s troika meeting at the Presidency discussed the matter and the final decision was taken after taking the input of Army Chief General Kayani on the matter.

General Wyne (Infantry) in his capacity as CGS is one of the closet top-ranked soldiers to COAS General Kayani, whose tenure as Army Chief has already been extended for another full term of three years beyond November 28 this year.

Senior most on the seniority list of 3-star general, General Wyne will be succeeding outgoing Chairman JCSC General Tariq Majeed, who is going to retire after a long illustrious military career on October 6 this year.

Wyne, whose father Shamim Wyne retired from Army as Lieutenant Colonel, belongs to 20-Punjab Regiment. He hails from soldier producing Sialkot, as one of his younger brothers Aamir Shamm Wyne left Army as captain to join police and now serving as SSP.

General Wyne has done both German and Pakistani Staff Colleges. He commanded Siachen Brigade-323 (popularly known as Kargil Brigade) and held the position of Commandant Infantry School as Major General. He was GOC in Quetta and also served as Deputy Chief of General Staff before his promotion as 3-star Lieutenant General and served as Commander Southern Command, Quetta.

It was foregone conclusion that a senior Army officer would succeed General Tariq Majeed as Chairman JCSC, and there stand no chance for Naval or Air Force officer to get this appointment because of multiple inherent reasons and working of the office of Chairman JCSC.

Given the value-added responsibilities, and working of the office of the Chairman JCSC, it deals with all the sensitive issues including conventional and non-conventional matters and is virtually considered in charge of strategic assets of the country. Some reshuffling and new appointments are also expected in the Army at the level of corps commanders and PSOs in coming days.


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