Urdu Column by‎ Orya Maqbool Jaan – Intazar Karo

Orya Maqbool Jan is a renowned columnist, poet and CSS officer from Pakistan, who writes Urdu columns for Daily Express, Pakistan.  He has received numerous national awards, including the best Urdu columnist in 2004. One collection of poetry has been published.

He has a Masters degree in social work from Punjab University, Lahore. He was the deputy commissioner and district magistrate of three districts for about five years and assistant commissioner and sub divisional magistrate of three sub divisions for about three years. This involves an overall responsibility of law and order, monitoring of development activities, welfare of people, revenue collection personnel management and public relationship of a very sensitive nature. He has contributed to various researche papers including one titled “Comprehensive plan for Improvement of Quetta water Supply and Sewerage System”. He worked as a managing director of Baluchistan water & sanitation authority.

He is presently working as Director General Walled City Project in Lahore after having worked as Information Secretary to the Punjab Government.

He is the author of four popular TV serials “ROAZAN”“SHAHARZAD”“QAFAS” and “GARDBAD”

Below is his column published also with Daily Express titled ‘Intazar Karo ‘  in which he discusses the current Stitution of Pakistan:


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