Humbly Request

Shub-e-Barat (freedom from fire ) will be on today Maybe my name is written in the list of those people who shall die this year and may be I shall never meet you again. so I humbly request you, to please forgive me and mistakes, which i made! I’m  very very sorry for all the mistakes made and when ever I hurt you. Please forgive me!

Ay mre ALLAH

Tu Rehman
Tu Raheem
Tu Ghafoor
tu Razzaq
Tu Kareem
Tu Qadir
Tu Qadeer
Tu Muqtadir
Tu Ghaffar
Tu Wahab
Tu Noor
Tu Malik
Tu Quddoos

Ay mre ALLAH

Mai Gunahgar hun
Mera bal bal
gunahon mai duba hua hy
Mai Sharminda hun
Mujhe Pak Kar de
Muaf Farma de

Ay mre ALLAH

apni rehmat farma,
Mujh par mere Walldain par
Mer Behan Bhaiyon Par

Mere Doston par


Dua hai aaj jab muqadar likha jaye tu Allah Pak her Dukh, burai, pareshani, gham, bimari or nuqsan se app ko mehfoz farmaye or her khushi, rahat, sukh, sehat, kaymabi, naimat or apni rehmat se malamaal farmaye

Ameen suma Ameen


Laila tul Bara’ah  is a night in which special blessings are directed towards the Muslims. Therefore, this night should be spent in total submission to Allah Almighty. Some people spend this night in holding religious meetings and delivering long speeches. Such activities can easily be performed in other nights. This night requires one to devote himself for the pure acts of worship only.


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