myfriendsbook – A Facebook alternative

Facebook got banned in Pakistan so social networking addicts need to find the new drug, a replacement to Facebook. We are talking about more than a million users dying to visit any site that can make them forget Facebook.

So we have some new contenders in market and here is the newest one its called myfriendsbook.

It has the same looks same login page, same home page and same every thing and yes it does feel like facebook. They also claim to have a very strict policy against abusive content, nudity and any thing promoting hatred. Which mean very less chance of getting banned.

Whats Bad about this site?

First of all whats up with the name. Social networking sites always have a catchy name like twitter, digg , buzz , myspace. etc…. I don’t think myfriendsbook is a good name.

Secondly what made facebook ” The Facebook” was the collection of applications and social games with millions of fans. But its been just a week since website was launched so it would be unfair to ask so much from a newcomer.

It took facebook 5 years to reach where it is today and even now they have security disasters like the recent one we have seen.

Overall its a good start and some early changes should bring great fortune to myfriendsbook.


3 thoughts on “myfriendsbook – A Facebook alternative

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