We want Electricity in Pakistan, Electricity now is @ Rs. 11 per unit; and it will increase every two months as per American IMF policies.

IRAN offers to provide the electricity on urgent basis to Pakistan @ Rs. 1.18 per unit.

CHINA offers electricity for just Rs. 300/Month/Household with unlimited usage of electricity but our government is not taking it seriously.



Approximate financial impact (Monthly)


Read & Think about yourself

Electricity produced in Pakistan is from three main sources.

1). Hydal
2). Thermal (Gas/Steam/Furnace Oil)
3). Nuclear

There are four major power producers in country which include Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

Below is the break-up of the installed capacity of each of these power producers (as of June-2008).


a). WAPDA Hydal
Terbela                                                                        3478  MW
Mangla                                                                         1000  MW
Ghazi-Brotha                                                                 1450  MW
Warsak                                                                          243  MW
Chashma                                                                        184  MW
Dargai                                                                              20  MW
Rasul                                                                               22  MW
Shadi-Waal                                                                       18  MW
NandiPur                                                                           14  MW
Kurram Garhi                                                                       4  MW
Renala                                                                                1  MW
Chitral                                                                                1  MW
Jagran (AK)                                                                        30  MW
Total hydal                                                              ==>   6461 MW

b). WAPDA Thermal

Gas Turbine Power Station, Shadra                                         59  MW
Steam Power Station, Faisalabad                                          132  MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Faisalabad                                   244  MW
Gas Power Station, Multan                                                   195  MW
Thermal Power Station, Muzaffargarh                                   1350  MW
Thermal Power Station, Guddu                                            1655  MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Kotri                                           174  MW
Thermal Power Station, Jamshoro                                          850  MW
Thermal Power Station, Larkana                                            150  MW
Thermal Power Station, Quetta                                               35  MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Panjgur                                         39  MW
Thermal Power Station, Pasni                                                 17  MW
Total Thermal                                                                    ==>   4811  MW

WAPDA’s Total Hydal + Thermal capacity is 11272 MW.

2). Karachi Electric Supply Company
Thermal Power Station, Korengi                                             316  MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Korengi                                         80  MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, SITE                                            100  MW
Thermal Power Station, Bin Qasim                                        1260  MW
Total (KESC)                                                                     ==>    1756  MW

3). Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
Hub Power Project                                                               1292 MW
AES Lalpir Ltd, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh                               362 MW
AES Pak Gen, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh                                 365 MW
Altern Energy Ltd, Attock                                                         29 MW
Fauji KabirWala Power Company, Khanewal                              157 MW
Gul Ahmad Energy Ltd, Korengi                                               136 MW
Habibullah Coastal Power Ltd                                                 140 MW
Japan Power Generation, Lahore                                             120 MW
Koh-e-Noor Energy Ltd, Lahore                                               131 MW
Liberty Power Limited, Ghotki                                                 232 MW
Rousch Power, Khaniwal                                                        412 MW
Saba Power Company, Sheikhpura                                           114 MW
Southern Electric Power Company Ltd, Raiwind                          135 MW
Tapal Energy Limited, Karachi                                                 126 MW
Uch Power Ltd, Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad                            586 MW
Attock Gen Ltd, Morgah Rawalpindi                                          165 MW
Atlas Power, Sheikhpura                                                         225 MW
Engro Energy Ltd, Karachi                                                      —– MW
Kot Addu Power Company Limited (Privitized)                          1638 MW

Total  (IPPs)                                                                   ===>   6365  MW

4). Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
KANUPP                                                                              137  MW
CHASNUPP-1                                                                        325  MW
Total (Nuclear)                                                                  ===>   462  MW
Hydal Electricity generated by WAPDA varies between two extremities i.e. bewteen minimum of 2414 MW and maximum of 6761 MW depending upon the river flow through the whole year.

Total Power Generation Capacity of Pakistan (including all sources) is 19855 MW and the electricity demand (as of today 20-04-2010) is 14500 MW and PEPCO is merely generating 10000 MW.

So it is obvious that these 15-20 hrs power shutdowns in most parts of the country are not because of the lack of generation capacity but only because of IMF / World bank policies imposed on our corrupt leader. The Power Generation companies are not buying Furnace Oil from PSO by saying they don’t have money to do that but we are all paying for Electricity that is generated from Furnace Oil. This is the reason that top refineries like PRL are operating at 40% capacities. IMF / World bank has imposed to reduce budget deficit by importing less crude oil. But due to this fact all our industries are under severe crisis. None of our political party who are in Assembly are ready to speak on it because every one is blessed by US / IMF / WORLD Bank whether it PPP, PML , MQM , ANP or JUI

Things in Pakistan can change but they will change only once we have Govt which does not work on action of US.


Afghanistan 2010

A US Marines V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft kicks up dust as it takes off inside a US Marines base of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines in Marjah. A similar US aircraft crashed in Afghanistan, killing three American troops and a civilian, the military said April 9, 2010. The cause of the incident that downed the US Air Force CV-22 Osprey was under investigation

Charlotte Fox, center, widow of Sergeant Paul Fox from 28 Engineer Regiment, views the flag draped coffin of her husband during the funeral service at St Ia’s Church, in St Ives, England, Wednesday March 31, 2010, with Paul’s father, Maurice Fox, second left. Sgt Paul Fox died on February 26 after being caught in an explosion near a checkpoint in Nad-e-Ali, Helmand province, Afghanistan

Trucks carrying supplies to coalition forces burn after hundreds of people blocked a main road and set them on fire to protest what they said were civilian deaths in NATO operations in Logar province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, April 25, 2010. They gathered hours after NATO said coalition troops killed several insurgents and captured a Taliban sub-commander.

An M-4 rifle and a crucifix hang on the wall above the cot of a United States Army soldier at a combat outpost in the Arghandab Valley ofKandahar province in Afghanistan

And if you’ve noticed how the words in red have been crossed out, you can see the soldiers’ prejudice against the Muslims by witnessing the manner in which the word “Allah” has been crossed out.

Nadiya, an internally displaced Afghan girl holds her sister outside a shanty dwelling, in a refugee camp in Kabul, Afghanistan

Illuminated by the flashlight of an M4 rifle, a blindfolded and handcuffed Afghan detainee crouches in a corner after having a meal given to him by US Marines of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines at their combat outpost, formerly a Taliban headquarters in Marjah, southern Afghanistan.
where is the human rights??

U.S. Army soldiers point out the position of Taliban insurgents after an attack on March 15, 2010 at Howz-e-Madad in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. A joint patrol of American soldiers from Attack Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment and Afghan Army troops had been on a recon mission when they were fired on from multiple directions.

Afghan boys watch as unseen US Marines of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, search their farm house during a 24-hour foot operation in a poppy field area in Marjah,Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, on March 19, 2010. A total of 60 farms were searched and nothing suspected was found.

An ingredients list from a US Marine MRE ration package, seen in a transport vehicle on March 13, 2010 near Khan Neshin, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan.

The overwhelming majority of the aliban movement were ethnic Pashtuns from southern Afghanistan and western…

An Afghan national who is a possible suspect is detained in one of the U.S. Marines compounds, in Marjah district, Helmand province, March 29, 2010.

A US Marines of the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion out of Camp Pendelton, California questions an Afghan man while on a mission near Khan Neshin, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan on March 13, 2010

During a medevac flight of U.S. Army Task Force Pegasus the bloody hand of a wounded U.S. Marine is seen as he receives medical treatment shortly after take off over Marjah, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Tuesday March 2, 2010.

Mourners look on as the hearses carrying the coffins of five British soldiers are driven through the streets of Wootton Bassett, in southern England February 18, 2010. Lance Sergeant Dave Greenhalgh, L/Cpl Darren Hicks, Kingsman Sean Dawson, Rifleman Mark Marshall and Sapper Guy Mellors were killed in separate incidents in Afghanistan’ s Helmand province earlier in February

Janet Baker, the mother of slain Canadian soldier Corporal Joshua Caleb Baker, and family members watch as military pallbearers carry his casket to a waiting hearse during a repatriation ceremony at Canadian Forces Base Trenton February 15, 2010. Corporal Baker of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment was killed and four others were injured in a training accident on a range northeast of Kandahar City, Afghanistan on February 12.


How pearl coming to market !

Some believed pearls to be the tears of the gods. Others thought them dewdrops filled with moonlight that fell into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters.

A pearl is a natural gem created by a living organism. When a foreign object is introduced into a mussel or oyster the animal coats the irritant with a substance called nacre, the same material with which it builds it’s shell. Layers of nacre build up to make a pearl.

myfriendsbook – A Facebook alternative

Facebook got banned in Pakistan so social networking addicts need to find the new drug, a replacement to Facebook. We are talking about more than a million users dying to visit any site that can make them forget Facebook.

So we have some new contenders in market and here is the newest one its called myfriendsbook.

It has the same looks same login page, same home page and same every thing and yes it does feel like facebook. They also claim to have a very strict policy against abusive content, nudity and any thing promoting hatred. Which mean very less chance of getting banned.

Whats Bad about this site?

First of all whats up with the name. Social networking sites always have a catchy name like twitter, digg , buzz , myspace. etc…. I don’t think myfriendsbook is a good name.

Secondly what made facebook ” The Facebook” was the collection of applications and social games with millions of fans. But its been just a week since website was launched so it would be unfair to ask so much from a newcomer.

It took facebook 5 years to reach where it is today and even now they have security disasters like the recent one we have seen.

Overall its a good start and some early changes should bring great fortune to myfriendsbook.

Do you already registered in Facebook ? VK.COM – like facebook

After banning on FACEBOOK, I am searching for another Social Networking Site for our Pakistani peoples and I have founded an alternate of FACEBOOK and it is better than Facebook. Its VK, we should join this Social Networking,

Most of you probably familiar with Facebook – the unsinkable flagship, the mother of all social networks around the world, but it won’t be our focus today. Three years ago Russian comrades took a look at Facebook and decided that: “The hell with it…. We will build our own with “blackjack and hookers!” Three years went by, and a social network known as vk.com appears with no less than 45 million users. Wait! Don’t discard vk.com yelling who needs it if we have Facebook because I will explain why you do need it.
It is a known fact that on the streets of Russia there are bears roaming freely with balalaika’s and cap hats which is probably the reason why copyright fighters haven’t come to Russia yet… ATTENTION!!!! In vk.com ocial network you will find multi-million library containing free mp3 files, you can listen on-line to whatever you feel like without any limitations, and believe me, there is plenty to listen to (take a look at the screen shot bellow). It is unbelievably simple – following the registration (absolutely free) in the search field simply enter audio files search, and VIOLA, you have found your happiness! I suppose advanced users don’t need an explanation as to how files are downloaded.

Here is some information I collected from Wikipedia.

VKontakte (Russian: ВКонтакте, internationally branded VK) is the most popular social network service in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Because of its design and functionality, VKontakte is often claimed to be a clone of Facebook, accommodating not only a similar concept, but also a comparable business model. However, its incorporation of other features makes it more like YouTube, Pandora, and MySpace rolled into one, with an interface highly reminiscent of Facebook.

As of 26 March 2010, the network has around 68 million users (about 1% of World population) and is the leading site in Europe in terms of user visits, page views, data transfer per day. As of March 19, 2009, VKontakte is ranked 28 in Alexa‘s global Top 500 sites with a traffic rank of 25.

Since 2007, major Russian companies have been sending job offers via VKontakte. Most of the site’s users are university and high school students. However, as the site’s popularity increases, more and more people are joining, many of whom are youths of various age groups.

In English “V Kontakte” is literally translated as “In Contact”, but basically means “In Touch”.

for Joining on this site  click here