Human Resource Interview Question and Answers

What is performance management?

Performance management is a system by which we should recognize and utilize the employee’s skill, efficiency and as well as identifying his/her drawbacks, negative points and try to remove those.

How do you endow with Performance Appraisal?

There are many ways to do Performance Appraisal:

  1. 90-degree appraisal– Where the performance feedback is taken only from the Supervisor
  2. 180-degree appraisal- Where the performance feedback is taken from the peers
  3. 360-degree appraisal- Where the performance feedback is taken from the supervisor the subordinates, the peers, and the self-appraiser.

What is the difference between recruitment and selection?

Selection is selecting a candidate without conducting any technical test. Selection is based only on personal interview.Recruitment is a process of selecting an employee through a chain of processes (Aptitude Test / Technical Test >> Personal Interview >> Technical Interview >> HR Interview >> Finalizing the Offer)

What is the difference between Recruitment and Selection?

Recruitment refers to the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the job in the organization.The selection procedure is the system of functions and devices adopted in a company to ascertain whether the candidate s specifications are matched with the job specifications and requirements or not.

What are the responsibilities of HR Generalist?

The responsibilities are Induction Training Program, MIS Report Generation, Payroll Calculation, Admin and Personnel work, Performance Rating, etc…

Let us assume you are a HR of an organization. If an employee approaches you for a half a day leave (saying Doctor’s Appointment), and if you are aware that he has planned for an interview, how will you deal with situation? Will you sanction the leave at this instance?

There is no point to react and act on this situation. If the employee is eligible for leave even though the reason is false information, as per a professional we have to approve his leave.It does not matter, how many days the leave is requested by employee. If the works allotted to the concerned person is handed over or shared with back-up person in due time and there is no urgent work is pending. The leave can be sanctioned without any more hesitation.

What is the relation between Fun and work? What do you think is most important for the growth of the company?

I describe it as ‘FUN In Work’, i.e. how much you enjoy in doing your work or task at your work place and this is most important. and then you can achieve Fun @ work as well in its real sense.

Describe job description and Job Analysis.

Job Analysis refers to the process of determining and reporting pertinent information relating to the nature of a specific job. It is the determination of tasks that comprise the job and the skills, knowledge, abilities, and responsibilities required of the worker, which differentiates one job from the other. Job description is an organized factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of a specific job.

What is the difference between Job role and job profile.

Job role defines your exact position in a company like Manager, HR, and Job profile explains different responsibilities, which you have in a company.

When you reverse the digits of age of father, you will get the age of the son. One year ago the age of father was twice that of son’s age. What are the current ages of father and son? Choose the one from the options given below.

  1. 73 and 37
  2. 24 and 42
  3. 31 and 13
  4. 45 and 54

First option is the answer of this question i.e. 73 and 37.

What are your pet peeves?

Overflowing paper trays on employee’s desks, this is a clear indicator either a performance gap problem where the employee should have his/her duties performance measured to address the gap or it could indicate a work overload where the employee has been allocated too many duties for him/her to realistically perform in the course of the day/week/year.

What is your future Plans for the Company if Permanently Employed?

First, I want to be expertise in my field within 1 1/2 yrs. Then I will be in next level in this organization, which gives innovations and more responsibility.

Why did you choose HR? Why do want to make your career in HR?

HR- Human Resources

To be a good HR person we need to have excellent interpersonal skills, good friendly attitude, decision-making skills etc.

HR is the backbone in an organization. Right from recruiting the suitable candidate to training and then performance appraisal, compensation, until exit interview, all these steps involves an HR.Therefore, if you want to be a soul of an organization not just a part of it, you should be an HR.

What would you do for the growth of this company?

If I have skill/sort of experience on a job then definitely, I will implement innovative ideas for the growth of a company as well as will update my skill set with innovative ideas.

How will you think if we do not hire you?

Well, your current position will remain open and you have to interview at least one more person. It may be difficult for you to find a more dedicated and knowledgeable person than me.I have to continue my search for excellent and best company where I can get challenging and rewarding work experience. I thought we had win-win situation.

What is Crop2crop recruitment? What is the difference between US recruitment and Indian recruitment? What is W2W?

Contract – Corp to Crop: This means that you have your own company and Client Company will make payments to your company for the work you do.They will pay a flat rate, such as $50/year. In addition, you would be paid from your company either as 1099 or W2 as described below.

Contract – Independent Client Company will directly pay you on hourly basis. They will give you 1099 at the end of the year for the money they paid. You are working as a contractor. They will pay a flat rate, such as $50/year and you are responsible to pay all your taxes such as social security tax, Medicare tax (employee and employer portions.)

Contract – W2. In this instance, you are an employee of the company and you will get salary. Additionally, you may get health insurance, holidays, vacation and other benefits.

You are a team member of a 5-group team. Your best friend is your team leader. You are provided with a project and you should submit in 30 days. Every alternate day after the project is started your team leader goes to client and comes up with the changes to be made. 10 days completed and there is no progress in the project. How do you handle this situation and tell your friend i.e., the team leader?

Use my friendship relations to politely tell and take my project leader into confidence about the way the project is going ahead. Sit, discuss with him and clearly re-draw the road map on how to proceed further. If the project has genuine hurdles (not anticipated) and going ahead will incur losses more than what has been spent so far, take a decision to abandon.

Why did you take HR as a specialization?

I am a person who enjoys interacting with different levels of people. I believe l this is a basic requisite for any HR Personnel.

In addition, I believe I can excel even in people management and hence HR is the right field where I can utilize my skills.

“Customer is a key, or key is a customer,” Describe and express your opinion?

Customer is important for any organization because without them no business is possible.

Key is customer because they contribute in business by word of publicity. If they are satisfied, they spread their experience and this may increase the customers. In case, if they are not satisfied, we may lose customers.

What is Employee Retention?

Keeping your key, quality employees happily so that, the company would not lose them to the peer, competitive companies.

What is the procedure to write a CV and resume? What is the difference between them?

A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience, and education. A Curriculum vita includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, employers expect to receive curriculum vitae.

In the United States, curriculum vitae are used primarily when applying for academic, education, scientific or research positions. It is also applicable when applying for fellowships or grants.

Why should we not hire you?

You can hire some other person if you find any candidate better than me.

What should be the answer for why did you choose and pursue carrier in only hr in an interview?

I am interested in People. So I chose HR which is it people management.

How do you organize your priorities?

I will give more priority to that object which is very important


  1. Critical (Very Important)
  2. High (Very Important)
  3. Medium (Important)
  4. Low (Important but we can ignore for a while)

What is management interview?

It is the interview by a manager / Group head / Managing Director / Vice President of an organization. This will often be a 5-10 minutes session where you might have to talk about you and the skills you posses.

What is ergonomics?

The branch of engineering science in which we study the relation between workers and their environments

In what aspects do you think you would do well at this job?

Because of my consistency of good track record, Inquisitiveness to learn new and quick adaptability for change and finally the support and cooperation required by my team members.

What is more important to you: the money or the work?

Money and work both are like siblings. However, I believe that when you work hard, you could earn more. Therefore, work is more important than money. It is the hard work that can help you put another feather in your success cap.

What are your Positives expressed by your ex-supervisor?

Interpersonal Confidence Development, Commitment, Dedication, Diplomatic Decisions, Humane Consideration and Pro-Vision

What is your ability to work under pressure?

I have always enjoyed working under pressure. It is like a tonic, which boosts me, but I always keep it under control so it does not take a toll on me.

Do your skills match this job?

Yes. In additions, I would try to utilize my skills according to the job given to me.

Are you willing to work overtime, Nights and Weekends?

I have definite plans and I move forward accordingly in a systematic way. In case I am behind schedule, I am ready to work overnight and make sure I complete it in time.

Are you willing to show interest towards the organization ahead of your own?

Yes, but in return I would expect the organization to take care of my needs as an individual.

Describe your management style.

  1. To be sincere and honest at work.
  2. Not to involve in subordinate’s personal matters.
  3. To provide a friendly environment (Prioritizing the work)

What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

Making mistakes is of human nature but feeling guilty of the mistake or feeling sorry will be the waste of time. Hence I was advised by my supervisor that we need to learn from the mistakes and do not repeat it. Therefore, I realize my mistake and I do not repeat them.

Do you have any blind spots?

I would say everyone has blind spots, and I would too. Hence, I believe in teamwork, because when you are a part of a team, you can point out other people’s blind spots and they will do the same for you.

Do not be too specific of your actual weakness. Instead, try to bring out that you are very team oriented.

If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?

In my point of view, I would recommend the following things:

  • Required skills for the role
  • Team player
  • Pro-activeness
  • Loyalty to the work

What qualities do you look for in a boss?

The main thing that I feel is at no point of time; I should feel like I have nothing to learn from him (either professionally or personally).

What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?

It depends on situation, as I am being fresher for the job so I would like to join as fresher for the project.

If you have, any prior experience for the particular job you need to express them because it is very important for you as nobody wants to work under his/her capabilities and you will not be able to give best of yours.

Describe your work ethic.

Work should give satisfaction to the people. If the person is satisfied with the work, he can perform more, it reflects in the growth of the organization as well as individuals.

What do co-workers say about you?

My co-workers always admit that I am good team player by providing suitable advices at the right time. They also add that I have a balance between good stress and bad stress.

Are you applying for other jobs?

Of course, I am. I am looking for the best place to apply my abilities, and so far, this place looks excellent.

Side note – if you sent the resume, rather than went on a recommendation from a friend, it would be obvious you sent it to other places as well.

Do you know anyone who works for us?

If this question is for reference/favor, I say NO.

If it is for records/formalities, I say YES.

Are you a team player?

While answering this question, try to keep yourself on both sides. For example, if the interviewer asks if you prefer to work alone or on a team, he may be trying to get you to say you are one way or the other. However, you do not have to play this game. The reality is that most jobs require us to work both independently and in teams. Your response to this question should show that you have been successful in both situations

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

I will be satisfied until the time I am able to learn and contribute and my contribution’s are recognized

Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that?

“So with me, firing is a last resort. However, when it has to be done, it has to be done. A poor employee can wreak terrible damage in undermining the morale of an entire team of good people. When there’s no other way, I’ve found its better for all concerned to act decisively in getting rid of offenders who won’t change their ways.”

What is your philosophy towards work?

The answer should be positive attitude towards your work, you want to work with your other teammates, help them in their work, and take help from them. That is the policy that should be there and that would give the company more profit  What kind of person would you refuse to work with?

Well, I am a person, who can work with all kinds of people. However, I feel bit uncomfortable to work with selfish people and who are ingratitude in nature.

How can you create new objects in org. mgmt?

To create a new object go to OM -> Basic Settings -> Data Model enhancement – > Create Objects their relationship and TC.

Can you assign a job to another job, and a position to another position? Explain.

We have to assign Position to Job. Because Job is General (E.g. Manager) and Position is Specific (Manager -Hr).

What is meant by an enterprise structure? (I said it comprises of Company code, Personnel Area, and Personnel Sub area, but the panelist says, he is not satisfied with the answers. Do I need to add anything else to this answer?)

You have to explain the full concept of Enterprise Structure, how it is related to Employee Structure, where we assign this to Employees, and for what purpose we define the ENT structure.

How many Company codes can you assign to a personnel area? How many persons and areas can be assigned to a company code? Explain.

Company Code can contain any number of PA, but one PA must contain One Company Code. Because Co Code is the legal entity of the company, using which the FI people draw various statements like BS, PL account.

What is the IT to store educational establishment types? Why do you need them? Do educational certificates and branches of studies come under the same IT?

IT0022. It is useful to maintain the educational details of the employee.

What are dynamic actions? Where do you configure them?

Dynamic Actions are automatically triggered by the system when it meets certain actions. E.g. If you enter number of Child as 2 in IT0002, the system atomically triggers the IT0021, subtypes Child to enter the details. Otherwise, it will not trigger the IT0021, if you did not mention any value in number of child in IT0002. Same like that we can configure Dynamic Actions depends on our need using the path IMG->PM->PA-> Customizing Procedure -> Dyn Action or by using Table T588Z.

What is meant by work schedule rules?

WSR is used to define your WS for a defined period. It Comprises your EE Subgroup, PWS, and HC. We can default the WSR using the Feature SCHKZ for your grouping.

What is meant by counting classes?

Counting Classes are used to define your various Counting rules for you are A/A types.

What is the feature used to create a personnel number? How do you create a personnel no.?

  1. NUMKR
  2. Using the Tcode PA40.

What are the features connected to Organizational Assignment?


What is the use of the feature IGMOD?

It is used to define your Info group.

What is meant by valuating of base wage types?

Used to valuate your WT, if it depends on some percentage of other WT. Say HRA is some 20% of Basic.

What do day types mean?

Day types used to determine the particular day is payment relevant or not. 0 – Work/Paid, 1 – Time Off/Paid, 2 – Time Off/Unpaid, 3 – Time Off/Special.

What is meant by Applicant Status and what are the reasons? Why do you need them?

Applicant Status denotes the Status of the Applicant, say Screening, On Process, on hold, Rejection and we have to define various reasons for each Status.

In which IT do you assign an applicant to a vacancy? Where do you assign that status?

Status. We can assign using the TCode PB40.

How do applicant actions differ from applicant activities?

Applicant Actions can be same as above, like Rejected, on hold, on process. Activities can be all the various activities perform for each activity for the Applicant.

What are the ways to transfer applicant data?

Using PBA7 and PBA8

What is the difference between pre-booking and booking?

Booking is the actual booking of Attendee for an event; Pre-booking is used to check whether the Attendee already booked for the event.

Tell something about the IT Payroll Status .

IT0003 is used to define the current payroll status of the employee like released, exit etc. We can lock the personnel number using the IT0003.

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