Most Impossible Places To Visit in the World

You maybe imagine why this article named top 10 most impossible places to visit in the world. Actually there’s a lot of secret in this world. There are some places that we don’t know and we can’t go there as well. This list contains the most significant places around the world that are closed to the public and almost impossible for the general public to visit.

10. Mezhgorye : Russia
Mezhgorye is a closed city in Russia located in Yamantaw Mount, a city founded in 1979 is located in 1640 m high, the city was suspected by the US as a place for Russian nuclear secrets. These large projects began to be observed by a US satellite in 1990. US ask for statements from the Russian side about this place, but the Russians deny it, they said it’s just the location of mines.

most impossible places to visit MezhgoryeMezhgorye

9.Vatican Secret Archives : Vatican
Although called “Vatican Secret Archives” but the file is not totally secret here. You can see the document you want, but you can’t go to this place. You must first submit a request for a document to the authorities in the Vatican. Not every book you can see, You just can see the document that’s 75 years old for the sake of protecting the diplomatic and government information. There are 35,000 books in the catalog and it is around 84 Kms in length.
most impossible places to visit Vatican Secret ServiceVatican Secret Service

8. Club 33 : United States
Disneyland is a place of entertainment for children and adults. All places in Disneyland is “free to go” except for this club 33. Not easy to enter this Club, in addition to a very tight security here also use a screen finger. Being an exclusive club this club is not easy and very expensive, Enrollment need $ 10-30 thousands. You will also have to wait for 14 years to be a waiting list.
most impossible places to visit club 33 disneylandClub 33 Disneyland

7. Moscow Metro-2 : Russia
Metro-2 in Moscow is the largest underground city system in the world. This city was built in the era of Stalin. The city is very secret, that even the reporter wanted to release this news always refused by the government. This is very secret place because no one confirmed the existence of this city.
most impossible places to visit Moscow Metro-2Moscow Metro-2

6. White’s Gentlemen’s Club : United Kingdom
This is a place for the exclusive men in the UK, founded by Italian Francesco Bianco in 1693. Early founded just for the place to enjoy the hot chocolate, but eventually became distinctive and exclusive because of its secret. And now this place is famous for its strange gambling game, like 3000 pounds only to guess the first drops of rain come from which window.For the people who wants to register to the club, They can join if invited and approved by 2 other members.
most impossible places to visit white's gentlemen's clubwhite’s gentlemen’s club

5. Area 51: United States
Area 51 (or better known as the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3 and also other disguise name like Dreamland, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch, The Farm, The Box, Groom Lake, as well as the Directorate for Development Plans Area) is a isolated areas in southern Nevada, owned by the United States, used as a secret development center and experimental aircraft – a new generation fighter aircraft. This area is also very famous for its allegedly a UFO research center who until now regarded as one of the conspiracy theory that has not been revealed.
People that know about this area 51 said that It is American’s great secret. Some believe that there are samples of extraterrestrial been falling to earth on the area and keep on that area for experimental purpose.
most impossible places to visit Area 51Area 51

4. Room 39 : North Korea
Room 39 or Bureau 39 is the only place where illegal fully supported by a country and be in a country. Projected as one of the secret organization in Korea that looking for ways to earn foreign currency for Kim Jong-IL. Room was founded in 1970 and not known where the name originated. Very little information about Room 39 is due to the nature of the secret organization around. Regarding How it works, the Bureau is using the 10-20 bank account in China and in Switzerland, for the purpose of counterfeiting,money laundering and illegal transactions activities. This place is also allegedly involved in smuggling of drugs and arms sales. North Korea has denied involvement in illegal activities whatsoever. Room 39 is believed take place in the “Labor Party” building in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.
most impossible places to visit room 39Room 39

3. Ise Grand Shrine : Japan
This is the most sacred shrine in Japan. This place is dedicated to Amaterasu (sun goddess) and have been built since the 4 BC. Temple is believed to store several documents and several important items of the Japanese empire, one of which is the Naik? (Japanese mythology that finally ended in the hands of the first emperor). Ise Grand Shine demolished and rebuilt every 20 years over the Shinto idea of death and birth (the next in 2013). This place is very very difficult to visit, except for the priest who became a member of the imperial family.
most impossible places to visit Ise Grand ShrineIse Grand Shrine

2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center : United States

This is a place that not only covered to the public but it is the place to expect people not setting foot there. Location in Virginia is used as a center of operations for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Relocated to a control station, why it is forbidden because it has a system where a very high frequency that connects most of the agencies of public safety and federal government the U.S. military with most of the states.
most impossible places to visit Mount Weather Emergency Operations CenterMount Weather Emergency Operations Center

1. RAF Menwith Hill : United States
RAF Menwith Hill is a military base with a connection to the ECHELON global spy network. Site contains various underground stations and satellites that claimed as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. Sites located at the A59 Skipton Road, about nine miles west of Harrogate in North Yorkshire and occupies about one square mile Moorland.
This place was built by the US Defense Department.
most impossible places to visit RAF Menwith Hill


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