Lahore Attacks: terrorists defeated in Bedian Training Centre

lhr LAHORE: Security forces have  defeated the terrorists in a successful operation in Lahore and Eliot Force Training Centre, Bedian has been cleared from all attackers, whereas search operation is continuing.

GOC Lahore Major General Shafaqat Ahmed told newsmen, Pak army and police carried out a successful operation against terrorists and training centre has been cleared from terrorists.

“Security forces sustained no causalities, while five terrorists have been killed and situation is totally under control.”

Some terrorists were shot dead by security men, whereas some of them blew themselves up; search operation is continuing inside the training centre.

Tehreek-e-Taliban claims responsibility


Outlawed outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed responsibility for the multiple attacks in Lahore.

It may be recalled about 25 to 30 unidentified terrorists had attacked FIA Headquarter, Eliot Police Headquarter and Manawan Police Training Centre in Lahore today.


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