Article on Swat Operation and MQM

Aug 8 2009 Article


One thought on “Article on Swat Operation and MQM

  1. Jamat e Islami propaganda, this article is also taken from Jasarat mouth piece of Jamat e Islami
    Jamat e Islami on payroll of Punjabi establishment is crying hard as the Mayor of MQM done alot for this city and wiped the remaining vote bank of Jamat e islami the biggest Munafiq Jamat of Pakistan.
    For you idiots Army tries its luck in Karachi in 1992 and failed as people of Karachi sttod with MQM and now MQM is household name of people lives in Karachi.
    Long Live MQM.

    Pictures of Jamat e Islami Terrorists with leathal weapons can be found on

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