CJP Iftikhar Seeks to Rinse Judiciary of Corruption

CJP Iftikhar seeks to rinse judiciary of corruption Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said its better to shut down courts than to ensure speedy justice to people and vowed to cut the durations of judicial rulings so that people could redevelop trust on judiciary.

He warned judges, appointed on government duties, to get back on their positions at courts within 24 hours’ deadline and said, “Whoever judge does not comply with these instructions, will neither remain on their government duties nor will he be allowed to rejoin courts in future – he will be fired!”

Addressing the lawyers and judges at Rawalpinid Bar Association (RBA) here, the CJP linked the strength of judiciary with the provision of easy and speedy justice to the people of Pakistan and sought the lawyers’ unity for making it a powerful institution.

He directed all the sub chief justices of provinces and the district and session judges, the civil judges and members of all bar associations to coordinately introduce a short-term policy for ensuring speedy justice.

Iftikhar asked judges to help out poor and oppressed people of state saying, “We all are bothered due to prevailing situation in our country as people are confronting many hardships while we must help them out resolve their miseries ”.

Swat lawyers made a major contribution in the movement pursued for the restoration of judiciary, CJP Iftikhar remarked maintaining, “Lawyers of Pakistan owe Swat lawyers dept which they have to pay off at any cost”.

He hoped that the Swat and Malakand people will get back to their homes soon as the entire nation, comprising 17 million people, is keenly waiting for the justice to be pronounced in this respect.

“The ongoing year has been declared as the ‘Justice for All’”, CJP said adding, “Lawyers left no stone unturned to lay down sacrifices in making the lawyers’ movement a great success”.


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