PTCL Going to Launch Mobile (Wireless Internet) Broadband…

We know through our sources and a service glimpse given on PTCL’s website, that PTCL is planning to launch long awaited CDMA based wireless broadband in Pakistan from December 1st, 2008. Initially, service will be offered in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpind i and Lahore.

From early information provided, we can assume that a plug and play USB compatible device will be provided to customers, to get this always on Mobile Broadband.

After DSL and WiMAX I suppose such mobile broadband is something that Pakistan’s consumers are looking for. However, the pricing is going to play a major role in making such gadgets and services hot. However, it is anticipated that pricing will be quite high than of wired broadband – But we can expect anything from PTCL…


  • Always ON Mobile broadband; Customers can use Mobile Broadband service wherever they want – at work, at home, at leisure, on the campus, on the road
  • Supported by world’s proven CDMA technology
  • No phone line is needed; just insert a USB card in your laptop / PC and start enjoying broadband wherever you are. No need of WiFi hotspot; you are your own hotspot
  • Speed up to 3.1Mbps (3000Kbps)
  • Send / receive SMS on laptop / PC (bundle offer)
  • Free email account with 20 Mb storage capacity
  • Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos etc.,)

Target Consumers:

  • Corporate / SME executives who need to stay in touch (Emails / VPNs)
  • Students living in hostels
  • Researchers who require broadband to surf the web anywhere any time
  • Home users who can not get access to fixed broadband (DSL)

Expected date of launch: Dec 01, 2008

ZONG Internet USB Card

Key Feature

  • Worldwide coverage through GSM 850/EGSM900/ DCS1800/PCS19
  • Edge Class 12 High Speed Packet data rate upto 236.8kbps
  • Supports SMS
  • Plug & Play


  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or, MAC Operating System
  • 128 MB Ram or above
  • 100 MB available hard disk space
  • USB Interface

Zong Launches its EDGE Card

ZONG has launched USB based GPRS / EDGE modem that is capable of connecting laptop / Desktop PCs with internet while on the go.

Zong’s plug and play Internet USB Card allows Internet browsing, instant access and the uninterrupted ability both to upload and download data. EDGE Card is compatible with Windows 2000 (SP4 or above), Windows XP (SP2 or above), Windows Vista and Mac, whether run on a PC, laptop or handheld device. SMS software is also installed, allowing texts to be sent directly from the computer

In addition to being connected to the Internet, customers will be able to:

  • Check their connection status.
  • View statistics of their internet usage. Will have access to their list of phonebook contacts, present on the SIM in the device. They will be able to add/edit/delete entries from the phonebook.
  • To send text messages regardless of whether they are connected via GPRS or not.


Initial Sale Price of ZONG Internet USB Card: Rs. 9,999
Unlimited GPRS package Rs. 400/month +tax.

SMS Charges:

Domestic SMS: Rs. 0.5/SMS +tax
International SMA: Rs. 5/SMS +tax

Each month the users will have to recharge the SIM account to continue using uninterrupted services @ Rs. 400+tax


3 thoughts on “PTCL Going to Launch Mobile (Wireless Internet) Broadband…

  1. who is gonna belive those stupid ill functioning ptcl and pta ? they are not even able to run decade old telephony system well, how one can even think they will provide you wirelss broadband without any fuss.

    secondly due to looting attitude of ptcl and pta, one cant expect low cost service from them better not to think about incompetent people siting in the ptcl and pta

  2. ptcl usb broadband will be prepaid or will be more popular and famous if it will be prepaid and low price so every person will be able to get this.before that broadband dsl was not popular and not so many users of dsl broadband just because of very high price.even student price are also high.

  3. When u will lauch the ptcl usb broadband.what will be the price of that product.we r expecting low price as compare to the other companies.

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