Quit Afghanistan: US eyes on Saudi oil as war booty?

Muslims and Islamic nations are being encircled and devastingly contained by anti-Islamic forces the world over. Invasions, lootings, destructions and genocide characterize the current anti-Islamic trend. Exit plans create confusions among the occupation forces.

It seems the USA-led occupation forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have been trying for bailout strategy for safe exit from these countries. USA seems to ask Saudi Arabia to mediate between the three sections, the occupation forces, Afghanistan government and the Taliban former rulers. President Bush appears to have asked his representative in Kabul, President Hamid Karzai I to pursue it with the Saudi government. Afghan President Karzai during the president’s traditional message to the Afghan people during the Eid holiday, has said that he has made repeated efforts over the last two years to engage Saudi Arabia in peace talks with the Taleban.

President Karzai said there had not yet been any direct negotiations, only requests for help. Afghan officials had traveled to Saudi Arabia and to Pakistan to kick-start the process. President Karzai said: “since two years I have been sending letters and messages to the Saudi Arabian king and requested him, as a world Muslim leader, to help us bring peace in Afghanistan,”. Saudi Arabia was one of the few countries to recognize the Taleban government when they ruled Afghanistan before being overthrown by US forces in 2001.

President Karzai has in the past urged Taleban fighters to lay down their weapons and return to their homes. The media report that this is part of a reconciliation process supported by the Afghan government – as well as the US and UK – of reaching out to moderate leaders in the Taleban. President Karzai also says he has made a fresh appeal for the Taleban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, to join peace negotiations. Earlier attempts to negotiate with the Taleban have been beset by difficulties, especially when foreign powers have been involved.

Afghan and the US officials believe Mullah Omar is hiding in Pakistan, but that has been denied by Islamabad. Omar, on the other hand, issued a statement on the internet last week offering international troops “safe passage out of Afghanistan” if they withdrew from the country.

Islamic world requires no illustrations on the fact that not only USA is focused on energy resources of the Mideast region, encourages anti-Islamic Israel and India to commit genocide against Muslims, but, worse, US-led anti-Islamic forces have fully been geared up to kill as many Muslims as possible by various means, including provoking proxy wars and conflicts. Although the USA declared victory in Afghanistan and Iraq long back the terror forces have stayed on in these nations killing continuously Muslims without any hindrance; they also use vulnerable Muslims to kill themselves.

Needless to state here, the anti-Islamic forces are only exploiting the disastrous divisions among Muslims and Muslim nations. The fact that even against the ghastly genocide unleashed by these anti-Islamic nations, the Muslims have not yet woken up to face the challenge.


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